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  1. How to Enjoy Restaurants and Parties While Losing Weight


    Undertaking a weight loss journey means adjusting your diet and focusing on eating healthy, wholesome meals. It also may mean incorporating regular fitness routines into your daily schedule. And it always means dedication and a commitment to a better lifestyle.

    While there will be challenges along the way, one of the most significant you’ll likely face is navigating familiar social situations that typically involve eating out and diet-derailing food. The people who successfully lose weight learn how to navigate these social situations in a classy way that keeps them on track. And we can all learn something from how they do it.

    1) They evaluate social situations ahead of time.

    They carefully analyze each invitation to determine if it’s necessary to go, where they’re going, and whether they truly want to go. Is this a dinner with a friend they see regularly that they can skip? Is it a must-go event like a wedding, baby shower, work event, or graduation party? These are just a few of the questions they ask themselves before deciding.

    2) They look at the menu ahead of time — and plan accordingly.

    If they’re headed to a restaurant, they bring the menu up online and decide ahead of time what they will order. Are there any lighter meal options available? Can they ask the server to adapt a heavier meal to align more closely with their healthy eating plan? Knowing ahead of time what to ask for cuts back considerably on excess calories.

    3) They ask for everything on the side.

    Whether at a restaurant or an event with catering, they are sure to get calorie-adding extras like butter or salad dressing on the side. This allows them to control how much they’re using so they know precisely how many extra calories each item adds to the meal.

    4) They pay close attention to their body’s signals by practicing mindfulness.

    Most social situations that include meals involve lots of chatter and mindless eating. People who find success in weight loss can balance enjoying their friends’ company while also honing in on their body’s cues so they stop eating when they’re full. Practicing mindful eating when they’re alone or at home makes this skill set easier.

    5) They never come to an event hungry.

    The most successful people keep their usual routine by enjoying healthy meals throughout the day and even a snack before a get-together. That’s because they know that coming to a party or restaurant in near-starvation mode is an inevitable recipe for overeating and a healthy diet disaster.

    6) They don’t drink their calories.

    Alcoholic beverages, soda, and lemonade are often staples at parties or on restaurant menus. The best people who successfully lose weight opt for water or low-calorie adult beverages (think gin and tonic, for example) instead of sugar-laden, high-calorie options like soda or margaritas.

    7) They put socializing first.

    The whole point of going to a restaurant with friends or attending a social event like a wedding or baby shower is to enjoy time together. Successful people prioritize chatting with loved ones or work colleagues ahead of filling their bellies. They stand far from the buffet tables and practice active listening with each interaction.

    8) They set boundaries when necessary.

    Friends and loved ones often have the best intentions when they insist on dessert or sampling unhealthy things. The most successful people graciously decline and stand firm in their decisions, setting healthy boundaries and staying committed to their plans.

    Ultimately, the ones with the most fruitful results come into social situations armed with a concrete action plan, and they stick with it. Imitating their habits is a great way to ensure you find your success level, too.


    Author: Caitlin H
    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is the Diet-to-Go community manager and an avid runner. She is passionate about engaging with others online and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. She believes moderation is key, and people will have the most weight loss success if they engage in common-sense healthy eating and fitness.


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