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  1. 3 Weeks Into My Diet & 17 lbs Down!

    In the three weeks I have been following the Diet-to-Go Carb30 meal delivery plan, I have dined like a king and watched my weight slide from an all-time high of 256 to today's much more palatable 239 -- that's a super 17 lb. loss in just 21 days!!! My original goal is 10% of my body weight; that 25.6 lbs. is now well within reach. After I hit that goal I will set a new goal of another 10% of my body weight. Smaller goals make a diet less daunting. Not once have I felt hungry or deprived on this plan. The egg-based breakfasts get me off to a great start. Cheese and sausage or bacon often round out my morning meals. You heard me correctly -- I am eating eggs, cheese, bacon and sausage on a daily basis AND losing weight while doing so. That's the magic of the low-carb lifestyle. Before you hop on the phone and order your very own Carb30 meals, please note -- there is no halfway with low carb. You can't eat low-carb one day and low-fat the next and expect to lose weight. You must choose your weapon in the war on weight and stick with it. I happen to be a meat lover so Low Carb is the ideal weight loss plan for me. Seventeen pounds in three weeks is a great jump start and today's weigh-in has certainly pumped up my motivation to stay the course. Heck, I have yet to include regular exercise! It's exciting to think what will happen when I add in daily treadmill walks. Be sure to come back here each Thursday to catch my latest update.

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2009
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