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  1. Burn Calories... While You Spring Clean!?

    So you woke this morning craving an Egg McMuffin, but your diet side of your brain says NO WAY! Go ahead... treat yourself to an egg and cheese delight. But when you finish your fast food breakfast be sure to grab a mop and pail – you’re about to commence Spring Cleaning, Mr. Bad Food Style! You can eat Egg McMuffins and other scrumptious, but diet-unfriendly foods if you balance them out with a bout of calorie-burning activities like mopping, dusting, washing and yard work! Your house-mopping session can burn off 300 calories -- the calories you gobbled through that McMuffin! A few neat and tidy tricks to balance your diet budget: * Before you mop those floors, try sweeping. An hour and half is all you need to cancel out that slice of Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites pizza with pepperoni that you had for lunch! * Still hungry? Clean out four closets and you more than cleaned out those 530 calories you’ve get from a Subway 6” Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich. * We all have two hours or more of deep-clean vacuuming to get to. Save it for after you’ve feasted on a Chicken Caesar Cool Wrap from Chick-fil-A. You’ll have a 30-calorie deficit to bank on for later. * No thorough spring cleaning can be done without moving a few pieces of furniture. Work up a sweat and within an hour you will have burned enough calories (420) to savor guilt-free snacking on a six-piece serving of Fiery Buffalo Wings from KFC. *Take your Spring Cleaning outdoors and weed that garden patch. You can burn 315 calories in one hour – that’s more than enough to erase that 250-cal Chocolate Chip Clif Bar. *Got a lawn to mow? Push that mower for an hour (no fair riding!) and you’ll mow down 385 calories – enough to balance out that Fandango Salad from Panera Bread. The bottom line: you can enjoy your favorite foods if you stay active. Spring is a time of rebirth… for you and your body!

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2009
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