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  1. The Chef Suggests: Our 5 Favorite Sandwiches

    A British nobleman may get credit for inventing the sandwich, but crafty Americans certainly took this handheld meal to the next level.


    The sandwich holds a special place in our hearts here at Diet-to-Go. Over the years we've concocted many handy meals from sandwich staples like bread, meat, cheese and veggies.


    Our five favorite sandwiches are:


    Chicken Philly Sub: This yummy sub is a DTG original! Slather your toasted sub roll with our homemade honey mustard mayo and top with the warmed chicken, peppers and onions, and cheese. But be sure to tuck in a napkin or to eat over a plate because this fantastic Philly is heavy on ingredients... but light on calories and fat!


    Turkey Ham Salad: Another DTG original, this sandwich melds its tangy ham filling -a healthy ham salad made from turkey, cream cheese, and mustard - with the soft, doughy goodness of a pretzel roll! This baby is a meal on its own. And since it's basically sweet pretzel dough that's been formed into a bun, it's a dessert in disguise as well!


    The Jamie and The Kelly: Named for my children, these vegetarian menu offerings are basically tricked-out grilled cheese sandwiches! The Jamie is oozing with the great-tasting goodness of pesto, Swiss cheese, bleu cheese and sliced tomato. Can you say scrumptious? The Kelly takes no backseat. This variation of The Jamie includes pesto, Swiss cheese, roasted red peppers and cream cheese. Pure sweetness... just like little Kelly herself! Both sandwiches are served on low-fat French toast.


    Turkey Burger: You'll have no beef with this burger comprised of a huge turkey patty, a large multigrain roll, a thick slice of cheese and a topping of Heinz ketchup. One bite and you'll quickly forget you're on a diet. This DTG favorite was created by clever kitchen staffers who took the turkey burger patty from our Salisbury steak meal and slipped it between two slices of bread. It's a "happy accident" that remains a super popular menu choice nearly two decades later!


    Mirkin Burger: Meet our meatless burger... a meal savory enough to turn Wimpy into a vegetarian! Fans of the Mirkin burger have compared this curious concoction to a cookie. Yes, it's that good. Yet it's just about the healthiest thing you can eat - a "burger" made from veggies, lentils and rice. We make it by hand from scratch and surround it with a multigrain roll topped with salsa, cheese and a slice of tomato. Why is it called a Mirkin burger? No, that's not slang for "American" - it's named for Dr. Gabe Mirkin, the man who crafted our healthy dietary guidelines! Hats off doc, for inspiring such a yummy treat!

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2009
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