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  1. Meet 3 Super-Satisfied Customers

    At Diet-to-Go we know our product is exceptional. And we take every opportunity to tell you just that. However, we do know that it's not always easy to swallow rave reviews when the source is the very hand that feeds you. So it's with great pride that we point you to not one... not two... but to THREE talented bloggers who just happen to love our stuff so much that they rave about it to the world. The difference is that this talented trio posts its stories of joy on independent websites. We're so proud of Bo, Donna and Steve, we're providing links to their entertainingly insightful (and totally independent) blogs. Bo is a mail order customer from Louisiana. We think you'll agree that he's got a great sense of humor: Donna is a previous success story who you may recognize from our Diet-to-Go TV commercials. She's back for another round of meals... after giving birth to twins! Steve is a local customer (local if you happen to live near Lorton, Virginia). Steve has the biggest heart and the most amount of weight to lose among our trio of bloggers. Be sure to watch his journey to slimndown success: We're sure you'll find these stories as incredibly inspirational as we have. Enjoy!

    Author: John McGran

    Diet-to-Go Success Stories
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