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  1. Fun with Fat: A Few Words About Why We're Overweight

    It's Thursday and I am in a silly mood, so let's do something completely different (sorry Monty Python). Let's make believe FAT is an acronym and we are going to come up with the words behind the letters And we're going to do it in a fun way... not a mean way.

    There's no prize money involved, but the winner will be able to boast that they have cracked the fat code and won a contest of sorts.

    So let me get you started with a few possible phrases that can be transformed into the acronym FAT.

    And just to let you know what an acronym is, here are a few examples you may be aware of:

    SCUBA: Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (I use this one because sometimes we feel like we are breathing underwater because of our fat!)

    NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (after all, we are waging a war on weight)

    USA: United States of America (yes, you can sneak in little words like "of")

    Ready? Let's go...

    FAT: Food Always There

    FAT: Flabby And Tubby

    FAT: Feeling All Tired

    FAT: Fearing Another Tire

    Your turn!

    Remember, we're not trying to pick on anyone for being overweight. Our goal here is to make light of our fat, so we stop getting so darn serious about dieting and start living a healthier lifestyle which includes a fun sense of humor.

    Post your FAT phrases here.


    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2010
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