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  1. Give our new-and-improved feedback tool a whirl!

    At Diet-to-Go, we are constantly monitoring, evaluating and tweaking things. That includes our website, our food, our menus, and our user experience.

    Our mission is to provide you a seamless, stress-free experience.

    Check out what's new: A nifty feedback tool that will allow you to let us know how we're doing.

    To make room for this feedback tool (which you can access by clicking on that red "feedback" button at the left of this page), we will be saying so long to our Forum.

    The Forum was created to allow Diet-to-Go customers a place to share their experiences and thoughts about dieting and living a healthy lifestyle.

    We've appreciated the feedback -- good and bad -- that resulted.

    So while the Forum will be going away, we'll continue to solicit your opinions and reviews via our feedback tool.

    You also have the option of visiting our Facebook page to interact or to contact a live Customer Service rep at 1-800-743-SLIM (7546).

    Author: John McGran

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