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  1. Giving Thanks: The Power of Affirmations

    It always feels good to receive a compliment, but when is the last time you told yourself something nice? Affirmations can be powerful tools for weight loss and overcoming eve-ryday obstacles. If you are thinking, “what the heck is an affirmation and why would it help me?” keep reading….

    Stress and negative energy can increase cortisol and other stress hormones in the body. These extra hormones work against us by increasing belly fat and in return mak-ing weight loss/maintenance more difficult. Yes, belly fat! These negative thoughts are also blocking the power within. In order to be your best on a daily basis you must shift these obstacles into opportunities. Much like exercise, positive affirmations increase “feel-good” hormones. Affirmations are short, positive statements about something you would like to attract or display. They are meant to program the brain to increase your sense of self-worth. The idea is to use affirmations to focus your attention on your goals, thereby making your goals a reality. It’s similar to a work out instructor asking you to set your intention at the beginning of your workout. They also ask you to remember that intention (or affirmation) throughout your workout. You may be thinking, “This won’t work for me,” but I dare you to try it!

    As we approach Thanksgiving we tend to give thanks to those around us. This year let’s also remember all the positive changes we’ve been working on for ourselves. During the holiday season it is easy to turn into people pleasers and forget about all the hard work we’ve put into bettering ourselves since that last “new year’s resolution.” Toward the end of the year, overeating tends to creep up throughout the various parties, dinners, travel, etc. 

    It’s important to stay focused on your health during this time of festivity. Increasing your positive thinking throughout the day can help you resist temptation during the upcoming holiday season. You wouldn’t invest all your money into gifts over the holidays, but not keep any money to pay your rent! The investment in your health works the same way. If you spend all your energy on other people or in a negative manner towards yourself, you’ll pay it all back on doctor bills later.

    Affirmations to get you started:

    Physical Health
    • I am fit, healthy, and attractive
    • I treat my body with love and kindness
    • I accept myself

    • I choose to eat healthy foods
    • I am only attracted to those things which are nourishing my body
    • I will only eat once piece of pie

    Mental Attitude
    • I am committed to my goals
    • I am grateful for the lessons life teaches me
    • I am free of the past

    Emotional Well-Being
    • Being thankful creates happiness and joy
    • I easily forgive myself and others
    • I am alert and full of energy

    Holiday Specific
    • I will create a home full of joy and peace
    • I give myself permission to relax and have fun with friends and family
    • I am thankful for… (fill in the blank)

    Keep your affirmation visual throughout the day/week. Here are a few creative ideas to make these small (BUT VERY IMPORTANT) statements a part of every day:

    • Write it with a dry erase marker on a mirror in the house
    • Write a new one on the calendar each day
    • Put a post-it on the kitchen cabinet
    • Keep a journal to post a statement each day
    • Get out some markers, colored pencils, or crayons. Also, a piece of paper or scrap. Write the affirmation down and decorate with your kids
    • Put your statement on a vision board with images of other positive goals
    • Check out lipstick affirmations for more inspirations on use in social media

    If you wonder why your small changes have never stuck over the years, this may be the final key to the puzzle of maintaining your health. It’s one of the many reasons why “di-ets” fail and you revert back to their old ways. We are creatures of habit and often our own enemy. If we can change the way we think, it will ultimately change the behavior that follows.

    Say your affirmations daily with conviction, like you mean it (even if you don’t believe it at that moment). They will certainly not be a quick fix but the work you put into them will soon show. Look at them as an investment in your health and quality of life. Let your at-titude be gratitude. Say it with me, “let my attitude be my gratitude!” Fall is the time for new beginnings so what better time to start this project for yourself.


    Author: Sarah Bryant MS RD CLT
    Sarah is a Los Angeles, CA event representative for Diet to Go. She holds a Master's in Dietetics and Health from Sam Houston State University and a Bachelor's in Dietetics from University of Kentucky. Sarah is also a Certified LEAP Therapist. Eating behaviors and nutrition have become her growing passion over the years. Nutrition plays such an integral role in one's health. 

    Sarah enjoys taking her dogs (Alvin and Winnie) to the dog park, traveling, and being active in group exercise classes or hiking. Supporting people while they make changes towards a healthier lifestyle is what she looks forward to the most in her career. Exercise along with healthy behaviors and eating habits can help individuals feel better physically and mentally. She strives to facilitate people to the best of her ability while they strive towards healthy lifestyle goals. Some words to live by: A positive thought equals positive change. Patience is key.

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