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  1. Tip Tuesday #2: Go Green (everybody's doing it)

    The idea of being green is everywhere these days from the supermarket aisles (cleaning supplies, packaging, and food) to green buildings and especially to the concept of green living. The color green has come to symbolize wealth, growth, environmental rejuvenation and overall good health. We at Diet-to-Go suggest that you bring the green idea home to your dinner plate by eating all the green veggies that you can. Here's the dish:


    Do it for health

    Green vegetables are chock full of health benefits. Studies show that leafy green vegetables may keep the brain sharp as we age and can lower the risk of diabetes. Dark green vegetables are great cancer fighters and have been linked to a longer life. Further, according to the USDA, a diet rich in vegetables provides the best source of a whole host of vitamins and minerals and may reduce the risk for stroke and other types of heart disease. Seems like a no-brainer: pile on the greens!

    Do it for weight control

    Green (and almost every other color) vegetables are low in sodium and fat so you can feel free to eat generous portions. They are a great source of nutrition and don't add many calories to your diet. Choose fiber rich veggies to reduce your hunger level and feel full longer, thus aiding you in your weight loss goals.

    Do it for the planet

    Eating locally grown vegetables offers so much: fresh food that isn't full of preservatives, an opportunity to support local farms and gardens thus helping the economy, reducing your food's global footprint by using less transportation. Shop at local farmer's markets or you can even do more by planting your own garden in your backyard, in a window-box or even through a neighborhood community-run garden.

    Do it for the ease of preparation

    The American Heart Association suggests cooking vegetables quickly to preserve the nutrients and color. Steaming and blanching are great ways to keep the flavor and color of your produce and to retain their crispness. Or eat it raw for that satisfying vegetable crunch.




    Author: Lillie Lancaster

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