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  1. Healthy Pool Snack Ideas

    There are the undeniable signs, wet towels strewn about, goggles on the floor, the smell of sunscreen in the doubt about it, pool season has begun! While fun filled days at the pool are always a welcome diversion in the summer, the food available at the pool is not nearly as treasured. Pool snack bars are notorious for offering greasy burgers, fries, pizza, ice cream, chips, and sodas. Not to mention the plethora of candy and other sweets available. But you don't have to stick with those options. With a little planning you can ensure your day at the pool doesn't have to result in a disaster to your diet.

    When deciding on which healthy snacks to bring to the pool you have to consider the circumstances under which they'll be eaten: outside, in the heat with minimal prep capabilities. So you'll want items that are easy to prepare, easy to eat and will stay good all day long.

    Great healthy pool snack options include:

    • Cut celery, carrots and cucumbers
    • Cherry tomatoes
    • Strawberries
    • Blueberries (any berries really)
    • Grapes (you can even freeze them for an extra treat)
    • Hard boiled eggs (if you have a cooler)
    • Frozen yogurt (they can melt as the day goes on)
    • Whole wheat crackers
    • Nuts

    Before you hit the pool deck:

    Be prepared ahead of time: as soon as you get home from the grocery store cut up carrots, celery, cucumbers and any other veggies that you like, put them in water in a plastic container, stick them in the fridge, and they'll be ready to go when you are. Hard boil a dozen eggs at a time and keep them in the fridge near your cut up veggies; that way you'll always have a low calorie, high protein filled snack ready to go to the pool. And always keep fresh fruit around; they're always easy to grab on the go.

    Just be sure to never go to the pool empty handed. Being outside in the sun all day can make you hungry and if you don't come prepared you can easily fall victim to the fast, easy, unhealthy options that surround you. And if you do manage to be strong and ignore the pool snack bar, you will inevitably be ravenous by the time you get home and may find yourself grabbing anything and everything you see.

    With a little preparation and forethought you will not only save money (snack bars are not cheap) but you will easily stay on track with your healthy eating all summer long. So dive in, the water feels great.

    Author: Sue Ridgeway

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