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  1. How to Feel Great and Look Better in Your Swimsuit This Summer

    Memorial Day has come and gone and you know what that means: It's time for the pools to open!

    There isn't a woman with a weight issue who looks forward to this time of year. Yet, ready or not, it's time to break out your swimsuit.

    The ideal time to worry about it would have been months (or maybe years) ago, but we are faced with the need for some quick fixes.

    Quick... take an honest look at your body. It's OK. Take a look and take an inventory. Take note of what needs some improvement... what is fine as it is... and, most importantly, what are you going to do about it?

    Now, realize there isn't much you can do to look substantially different in your suit by the weekend. But you can do many things to feel better in your swimsuit knowing that you are taking steps to improve what you don't like.

    Here's a quick swimsuit preparedness plan:

    1. Identify the #1 "vice" that is keeping you from realizing your goals-and BUST it! It may be banishing a bad food (think ice cream or pizza) or overcoming your aversion to exercise.

    2. Drink your recommended daily intake of water-think sparkling pools of water!

    3. Know that 5 fruits/veggies a day keeps the pool cover-ups far, far away! I found a very cool tool to help you accomplish this. Go to to see how you can wear 5 bracelets on one wrist and each time you eat a fruit or veggie, you move one band to the other wrist.

    4. Sit-ups! There is nothing better for decreasing your appetite, improving your posture and sculpting your midsection than sit-ups. Make it your goal to get to the point where you are doing 200 a day! If you have to start with only 5 today that's fine. Stick with it.... and just do it!

    5. Cardio. Start by walking - even if it's just to the mailbox and back. Make it your goal to be doing a minimum of 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 3 days a week. I do 60 minutes of kickboxing 4-6 times a week.

    6. Weight training. The best reason to lift weights is this: muscle burns fat! No one says you need to get as pumped as Governor Arnold, but you don't want to be a wimp at the beach, either! Make it your goal to lift some weights. It is a very easy thing to add ankle and wrist weights as you walk.

    7. Incorporate a healthy eating plan into your life. Diet-to-Go offers the best tasting and most nutritious diet foods on the planet. Diet-to-Go serves up real food, real fast... and it's really healthy! My favorite part: It comes to your door and it takes the thinking about food out of the equation.

    8. Think positively! If you think you can look a great deal better by the end of summer, you will be right. On the flip side, if you think "it just won't matter" or that you will still be fat by fall, then you will be right. It's all in your head! I urge you to consider a motivational program to help you change your lifestyle

    9. Go shopping for the swimsuit of your dreams! Mine is a hot little fuchsia two piece... with matching wraparound skirt, of course!

    Follow these steps and be consistent. As the summer rolls on, you will feel more confident knowing that you are addressing the areas of your body and health that you know needed changing.

    The empowerment that you will feel knowing you are really changing will make you the hottest chick poolside!

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2009
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