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  1. How Maurina Lost 35 lbs, Her Hubby 30!

    Maurina R. says the best things about losing 36 pounds with Diet-to-Go are more energy and no more need for blood pressure medication. Oh, and then there's the fact that for the first time in years she wore shorts in public!

    "I wore shorts for the first time in ages this summer... in public," she tells Diet-to-Go. "And for me that was a big deal. I also wore high heels – but not with the shorts!"

    Our 57-year-old featured slimmer says her husband Michael also lost weight with Diet-to-Go. His 30-pound loss not only gave him extra energy too, but also forced him to buy smaller shoes!

    “Michael is pretty much pleased that he looks better and he is glad that he's lost the belly fat,” Maurina says.

    “We both have more energy and are enjoying shopping for new clothes.  We were out looking for shoes because Michael's feet have gotten smaller and his old shoes are too big.

    “But for me, the biggest thing has to be that I am off the blood pressure medication!”

    Maurina stands 5'6” and now weighs 179. Her goal weight is 165.

    Hubby Michael, 58, started at 174 and has already met his goal weight of 145.

    The couple stumbled upon their favorite weight-loss plan ever when Michael brought home a Diet-to-Go brochure this past February. Maurina had been following Weight Watchers but wasn't happy with her results. 

    “I've tried everything over the years, including dieting on my own, nutritional counseling, and Weight Watchers, and found that I was successful at losing the weight,” Maurina says.

    “Unfortunately, I'm even more successful at gaining it back and then some. Diet-to-Go looked like a good way to train the body, eyes and brain to correct portion sizes, and, in the future, serve as an effective way of getting back on track.  If I gain back a little weight, I can start the program again.”

    This dynamic duo of dieters loves the ease of following the Diet-to-Go program. Because they live near a Diet-to-Go Partner-in-Health fitness facility, they use the local pick-up option and get their restaurant-quality meals chilled, but never frozen.

    “It's so easy!” Maurina raves. “We pick up the food twice a week, and simply heat our meals in the microwave.  For some of the sandwiches, we use a portable grill which gives us a nice crust.”

    “The food quality is great – and there's lots of variety. Food shopping has gotten a lot easier.  And the support offered by the Diet-to-Go website is great.  There's lots of info and lots of motivation there!”

    Maurina began with the Diet-to-Go low-fat meal plan, but has since switched to the Carb30 plan. Diet-to-Go offers three meal plans (there's also vegetarian) and switching between them is as easy as contacting Customer Service via phone or email.

    Maurina says her favorite meals are the Feta Frittata for breakfast, the Old-Fashioned Pot Roast for lunch, and the Cumin Salmon for dinner “but everything is so good, it's hard to pick!” Michael, who's following the low-fat plan, has a fondness for the breakfast muffins, the Reuben sandwich lunch, and the Barbecue Chicken dinner.  

    Maurina also loves the fact there are no long-term commitments with Diet-to-Go. She and Michael have started and stopped and restarted the program several times over the past year.

    “We've taken several breaks for travel, including a three-week vacation,” she notes. “Come the Christmas holidays, we plan to be off the diet and shopping and cooking again on our own – knowing that Diet-to-Go has our backs!”

    Maurina's advice for her fellow dieters: “Don't stop trying.  There is a program that will work for you.  It’s trial and error, but with each trial, and each error, you learn more about what motivates and what doesn't!”

    Maurina is a self-confessed foodie who links oversized portions to her issue with weight.

    “Michael and I love food, and we love eating out, so the biggest problem is the dreaded portion control!” she says.

    “If it's on my plate, I'll try to eat it all!  We now eat off our salad plates, which makes the portion sizes look much bigger.  Other than Diet-to-Go food, all we have on hand is salad stuff, non-fat milk, and some condiments in the fridge.

    “Michael rarely gets cravings, while I start jonesing for fried potatoes of any type. But if I don't focus on it, it goes away.”

    Well Maurina and Michael, sounds like you two have really gotten your focus on a healthier lifestyle – one that bring years of happiness to both of you. We're glad Diet-to-Go has proven a perfect fit for your love of good food!


    John McGran has been a writer/editor for about as long as he's been battling his weight. During his 25-year career, John has written for several newspapers, tabloids and Web sites. You may recognize his name and style from the seven years he spent writing a Worst of the Worst Foods column as Mr. Bad Food. If you have any topics you'd like John to tackle, feel free to write him at  

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