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  1. How to Overcome the Post Vacation Blues

    Post-vacation blues are just awful. After being away and enjoying a trip, going back to your everyday routine can be harsh. And, if you took a little vacation from your healthy diet habits while away the return to reality can be downright brutal. There are so many resources to help you stay healthy while ON vacation but very little to ease the transition back to reality. A lapse in healthy eating combined with post-vacation blues can ruin your nutritious home habits. Here are some simple techniques to fight those blues, ease back into your healthy routine and recover from your vacation.

    Create A New Experience

    One thing about a great vacation is new experiences and the feeling of discovery. Bring that excitement home: take a music lesson or foreign language class, go to a new movie theater or museum, see a play, join a book club, get involved with a community garden or volunteer at a local non-profit.

    Diet-to-Go Healthy Challenge: Get your body moving to something new. Pick up those roller skates or hop on your bike and sightsee around town. Mix things up with a new class at your gym, or try out a new sport!

    Be Pampered

    Who doesn't like to be pampered? An hour or so in the capable hands of a masseuse can erase troubles away and relieve the tension of everyday responsibilities. Use your lunch hour and book a 45-minute spa get-away. Or, you can create that feeling at home: grab some relaxing bath salts and a candle and turn your bathroom into a home spa.

    Diet-to-Go Healthy Challenge: Use your 'spa getaway' as a reward for a healthy habit challenge! Maybe you hit that 5-mile mark or followed your eating regimen to a tee this week. Either way, positive reinforcement helps you achieve your goals and makes getting there even more rewarding.

    Take time away

    Chances are the best part of your vacation was the actual "getting away." So, do it again! Book an overnight trip, a staycation hotel room or grab a tent and go camping. Turn your weekend into a get-away. Can't fathom packing and traveling again? Pick up a book and get lost in another world.

    Diet-to-Go Healthy Challenge: Do a day trip, a yoga retreat, or a biking trip. Find a local hiking trail that you haven't hiked before. Sign up for a trial membership at different local health club. Just take a little time away from the ordinary.

    Hire a chef

    Bed and breakfasts, all inclusive resorts and cruises are always so appealing because everything is taken care of and you are left feeling like royalty. With Diet-to-Go's pick-up/mail-order options you can get that same royal treatment. It's like you've hired your own personal chef. Your meals will be nutritionally balanced, 100% delicious, prepared for you and delivered to your doorstep.

    Diet-to-Go Healthy Challenge: Bring some of your vacation into your kitchen at home. Check out Diet-to-Go's menu options, you may be able to bring a little bit of Mexico, Hawaii or even some Mediterranean cuisine into your home savoring both the healthy fare and the memories of your trip.

    Look good in pictures

    Reviewing vacation pictures is a fun way to reminisce and gear up for your next trip. Seeing yourself in beach vacation pictures in a bathing suit is a great motivator to stay on your diet. Pull out those images, frame them and hang around your office and home.

    Diet-to-Go Healthy Challenge: Take a new picture of yourself every couple of weeks and display it next to your vacation picture. Seeing yourself at your goal or as you make progress will help you stay on your plan. Images are a very powerful motivator!

    Author: Lillie Lancaster

    Overall Health & Nutrition
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