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  1. I Lost 10.8 lbs My First Week: Results Not Typical... Just Fantastic!

    If you heard an excited scream this morning, it was probably me... right after I stood on my new scale and saw that I had dropped a tremendous 10.8 pounds my first week on the Diet-to-Go Low-Fat Traditional meal plan!

    Yes... I said 10.8 POUNDS!

    My first mini-goal of my new diet is to drop 10% of my body weight. That equates to 23.6 pounds since I started at an unhealthy 236 pounds.

    Thanks to my great first week I am only 13 pounds away from that mini goal!

    I am traditionally a great starter when it comes to weight loss, but I wasn't ready for a double-digit drop just seven days after starting my program.

    Okay, okay... I know that much of the weight I dropped is "water weight." But the truth is I have been drinking lots of water this week -- lots of water and no beer or Pepsi, my two biggest liquid vices.

    I have also been making time for some activity. Making yourself move is a great way to boost your body's calorie-burning metabolism.

    And don't for a minute think I have been starving myself. This Diet-to-Go food is not only delicious but filling too.

    Here are my favorite meals from my first week:

    -- Italian Chicken with Cous Cous, Green Beans and Focaccia Roll

    -- Mexican Style Burrito with Spanish Rice and Refried Beans

    -- Grilled Turkey Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Apricot Pudding

    -- Porcini Mushroom Chicken with Wild Rice Pilaf

    -- Red Snapper with Creamy Polenta

    -- Tomato-Mushroom Omelet with Brussel Sprout Mix

    The food tastes as good as it sounds! My second week of meals arrived like clockwork yesterday via FedEx.

    By doing so well my first week, I am totally stoked for week two. With Diet-to-Go, fine dining leads to fantastic results and that, in turn, feeds my motivation and willpower!

    Be sure to come back next Wednesday and see where my weight stands after two full weeks.

    The dumbbell below represents what I've dropped so far... in SEVEN DAYS!!!

    Not doing well on your diet?

    And if you're stuggling with your diet resolution -- and you have a few extra dollars at your disposal -- give Diet-to-Go a try. This plan takes all the stress out of dieting.

    And remember, you have to eat and spend money on groceries anyway, so why not eat perfectly portioned meals that meet the guidelines of major health organizations?

    There's no meal planning, no food shopping, no food preparation and very little clean up. You'll have more time for life and you'll lose weight without a lot of fuss.

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2010
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