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  1. Inside the Diet-to-Go Gourmet Diet Delivery Kitchen

    Do you ever wonder how your Diet-to-Go meals are composed from start to finish? It’s no easy task creating the best-quality, most delicious gourmet diet delivery meals in the market, but that doesn’t stop us from giving you the number one customer and critic-reviewed meals. And here’s how we do it.

    A Day Inside Diet-to-Go’s Kitchen

    John Stewart, VP of Operations, likes to refer to the Diet-to-Go kitchen as, “running a ship,” where each person has a role in ensuring that ingredients are secured, food is produced, orders are assembled and packaged, and everything stays sanitary and healthy.

    And there’s quite a bit that goes into making sure that they are the best. A meal may have 20 different ingredients or 4 different recipes, each completed by different parts of the kitchen.

    Each section of the kitchen works together to ensure recipes are finished at the same time and put together to give you the delicious meals you enjoy at home.

    A Typical Week
    • Sunday – Mail-order meals are made, packed and readied for Monday’s nation-wide delivery.
    • Monday – Mail-order meals are filled and shipped. Fresh-order meals are packed for local delivery.
    • Tuesday – First fresh-order meals are filled and shipped locally.
    • Wednesday-Thursday – Second round of fresh-order meals are made.
    • Friday – Second fresh-order meals are filled and shipped locally.
    • Saturday – Kitchen employees spend time with their families.
    Our Safety & Health Standards

    Readying meals is not all we do either. Our kitchen makes sure we stay in line with USDA inspections and regulations. The USDA requires standards for diet delivery meals called Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP).

    We are constantly on the lookout for where problems can arise with the food, and we make adjustments to control those points. We also established our own Sanitation Standard Operation Points plan, where we monitor any potential issues and record them. Both of these are imperative for ensuring that we continue to give you a safe, healthy product.

    Our Ingredients: Where do they come from?

    And we definitely don’t waste downtime. Head Chef Don Shaw works hard to make sure you get the best, highest-quality gourmet diet delivery meals out there. He’s also constantly trying to make the menu even better.

    “I create a meal until the tweaks to ingredients render a successful meal,” says Chef Shaw.

    Chef Shaw also makes sure to use the best ingredients possible for the meals. He often calls on specialty stores for certain spices, and will even drive to local ethnic grocery stores for flavors that can’t be found anywhere else.

    Now that’s some serious dedication.

    Our Recipes: How do we create something new?

    When it comes to creating new recipes, Diet-to-Go meals are constantly on Chef Shaw’s mind.

    “I watch a lot of food shows and try lots of different foods,” said Shaw. “I’m always considering if there might be a Diet-to-Go meal out there somewhere.”

    Then comes the testing (a bit of fun for the kitchen staff). Once he sees potential, Chef Shaw begins to put things together and construct a new recipe.

    “If there are adjustments necessary, we make them and test again,” says Shaw.

    And we continue testing until we achieve just the right balance of flavor, nutrition and mouth-watering goodness to meet our high standards.

    New Recipes: What’s Next?

    We’re working on a 6th week menu, with delicious entrees like a breakfast Tamale, Cajun Chicken and Gnocchi Stew and Steel Head Trout topped with an elegant Spanish Sauce.

    Keep an eye out for the exciting release of this new menu!


    Author: Caitlin H
    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is the Diet-to-Go community manager and an avid runner. She is passionate about engaging with others online and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. She believes moderation is key, and people will have the most weight loss success if they engage in common-sense healthy eating and fitness.

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