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  1. Just Like Mom: Our Top 5 Comfort Foods

    Comfort foods for us here at Diet-to-Go are the meals we find our customers (and our staff) going to more often than the others.

    They're the "old trusties" that are as good on a cold day as they are on a hot one. Comfort foods are the kinds of foods that mom fed us when we were sad or worried.

    Today, comfort foods tend to get a bad rap. They're often linked to our weight gain.

    But at Diet-to-Go, we've taken out the bad stuff and kept the comfort in your comfort foods. We promise your diet will love them as much as you do.

    So, in honor of mom and comfort, come on and cuddle up with these popular comfort foods year round. Our top 5 comfort foods are all original recipes and each one is "home made" by our talented DTG crew.

    1. Penne Pasta served with turkey meat sauce and steamed carrots and broccoli. Colorful. Tasty. Filling.

    2. Old Fashioned Turkey Meatloaf tastes like it was homemade... because it is! It's homemade by us... by hand... from our recipe. We serve it with mashed sweet potatoes and green beans.

    3. Grilled Cheese served with a warm brownie - need I say more?

    4. Macaroni and Cheese is as good as my Grandma's. OK, almost. But believe me it does the trick, sticks to your ribs and totally satisfies.

    5. Barbecue Chicken with anise roasted potatoes, saucy baked beans and crisp green beans - it's the grand slam of comfort foods. What's your favorite comfort food?

    Author: John McGran

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