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  1. Mayday! 50 Signals Your Diet May Be in Distress

    How many times have you been driving in a hurry to get to a particular destination only to find that the road was blocked, detours were set up and your familiar and quick route was impassable? Frustrating, isn't it?

    Weight loss can be much the same way. We start on a diet - usually it's the latest trendy plan. We're armed with good intentions and plenty of desire as we head of down this all too familiar path. And then suddenly... a roadblock!

    Maybe someone brings donuts to work, you forgot your healthy lunch at home or worse, you had a bad day and threw in the towel...until "tomorrow." Been there, done that (more times than I care to admit).

    So what enabled me to succeed at losing 130 pounds AND keeping it off for more than 13 years now? Finding good detours around the inevitable roadblocks! I believe that it is important to know what an unfit life looks like so that you can honestly identify some of the things that you may be doing that unbeknownst to you may be putting roadblocks in the way of your effort to become fit.

    See if any of these diet distress signals sound familiar:

    50 Signals Your Diet May Be in Distress

    1. You're on diet that is NOT a manner of eating that you can adhere to for the rest of your life.

    2. You believe that you can eat cabbage soup everyday for the rest of your life when starting that diet!

    3. You're obsessing over counting calories.

    4. You're weighing more than once a week.

    5. You're not drinking enough water.

    6. You're drinking sugar-laden drinks, such as lemonade, soft drinks, gourmet coffees, fruity drinks, etc...

    7. You're eating more bread, pasta and potatoes than proteins, lean meats, fruits and vegetables.

    8. You're consuming processed foods more often than fresh.

    9. You're cooking away the benefits from vegetables and fruits by overcooking them.

    10. You have a negative, defeatist attitude.

    11. You're blaming others for your shortcomings.

    12. You're quick to judge.

    13. You don't have a plan.

    14. You're not being aware of the nutritional benefits or harm of foods you eat.

    15. You're finishing every last bite... even after you're full.

    16. You're going back for "seconds" at meals.

    17. You're eating at "all you can eat buffets"...and getting your monies worth.

    18. You're skipping breakfast.

    19. You're starving all day because you think it the only way to lose weight.

    20. You're binging after "falling off the wagon" and waiting until "tomorrow" to get back on track.

    21. You believe you are "genetically destined" to be fat.

    22. You don't believe that you have the ability to change.

    23. You're confusing "fat" as a personality trait.

    24. You're thinking that you are unattractive.

    25. You're not living each day to the fullest... thinking that the joy will come "once you are thinner."

    26. You're wasting time.

    27. You're not finishing tasks.

    28. You're putting off starting tasks that need attention.

    29. You're rationalizing.

    30. You're thinking weight loss pills, powders or potions are more powerful than they are.

    31. You think of exercise as a "must do" or chore.

    32. You don't schedule exercise as a vital part of your day or week.

    33. You indulge in alcohol often.

    34. You watch sports rather than participate in sports.

    35. You watch television more than one hour a day.

    36. You don't give much time to personal hygiene or appearance.

    37. You don't read self-improvement materials on a regular basis.

    38. You have given up and are resigned to being fat.

    39. You finish the food off of other's plates while doing the dishes.

    40. You sample and nibble too much while cooking.

    41. You bake cookies, pies and cakes more often.

    42. You always have candy dishes for "guests" but eat most of it yourself.

    43. You buy unhealthy snacks "for the kids" and end up eating them.

    44. You do not have raw fresh vegetables and/or fruit with each meal.

    45. At meals, you serve more carbs than any other food group.

    46. You think "dieting" - not total lifestyle change - will bring lasting weight loss.

    47. You don't visualize yourself actually living a healthy lifestyle.

    48. You don't take vitamins or effective supplements.

    49. You eat fast food on a regular basis.

    50. You wait for tomorrow to "get started" rather than RIGHT NOW!

    If you see yourself in any of these mistakes then it is time to change. After all, what do you have to lose? If you need a jumpstart on weight loss, send out a big S.O.S. to Diet-to-Go and they will send a life raft your way in no time!

    Julia is the author of the bestselling weight loss books, Awaken the Diet Within (Warner Books) and The Vice Busting Diet (St. Martin's Press). She has been endorsed by Oprah's Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. David L. Katz! Having lost and kept off 130 pounds, Julia not only offers effective advice, but she knows firsthand that her advice works! Learn more at

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