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  1. Calorie One - Calorie, Exercise & Weight Tracker Mobile App Review

    Calorie One – Calorie, Exercise & Weight Tracker

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    Cost: $1.99

    Countless studies have shown that keeping a food journal is one of the most effective ways to keep your weight loss on track. And with the advent of smart phones and other mobile devices, keeping a diet and exercise journal has never been easier. There are countless apps out there that will help you track your food intake, exercise, water consumption, etc. However, despite the plethora of options, the choices for good, reliable trackers are still slim. Fortunately we found one in: Calorie One – Calorie, Exercise & Weight Tracker. There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about this app, but it does exactly what it says, is easy to use and contains an impressive database of food and activity listings.

    It works just like many of the other food tracker apps on the market: you set up your profile with height, weight, age as well as goal weight and activity level. Then you track away.

    What we liked:

    We liked the ability to quickly and clearly see your daily, weekly and even total progress to date. And, the database of food and activity listings really is quite extensive.

    What we didn’t:

    The app doesn’t allow you to make adjustments to base caloric level. For example, if you entered that you were a woman, age 45, 5’ 1” tall, with a sedentary activity level with a goal weight of 100lbs, your daily calorie budget is only 547! Granted it adds in any activity calories you burn, but still, 547 is not enough to live on. And there was no means of adjusting it.


    Download it. While it's not perfect, it is easy to use and has a large database of food and exercise options. And at Diet-to-Go, we believe if using an app like this inspires you keeping a daily log of your food intake, then it's worth it!  

    Author: Sue Ridgeway

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