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  1. Monday Meanderings: 4 Superfoods for Super Health

    By following my Diet-to-Go Balance meal plan, I am eating foods that fit nicely into the suggested dietary guidelines of major health organizations like the American Heart Association and American Dietetic Association.

    It's nice to have good foods sent to me. I don't have to worry about plotting out a healthy week of dining. Nor do I have to go shopping and sidestep all those dietary landmines while buying only healthy foods.

    Why is it such a big deal? Well, most of us don't have a degree in nutrition nor do we take the time to research and study the foods that do the most good for us.

    "The effect that diet can have on how you feel today and in the future is astounding," says nutritionist Elizabeth Somer, author of The Essential Guide to Vitamins and Minerals.

    "Even people who are healthy can make a few tweaks and the impact will be amazing. I'd say that 50-70% of suffering could be eliminated by what people eat and how they move: heart disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension can all be impacted."

    Eat better and you'll not only feel better but you'll also be taking steps toward thwarting a few deadly diseases.

    Pretty amazing stuff huh?

    So what are some of the superfoods you and I should be eating. For that answer, I turned to an old friend of mine, registered dietitian Linda Miner.

    It's National Heart Month. The American Heart Association says we can lower our risk of heart disease by losing weight and eating healthier. Get started today.

    If you need help, let Diet-to-Go supply the food while you reap the benefits.

    Meanwhile, check out Linda's feature that highlights her favorite four super foods.

    4 Super Foods for Super Health
    by Linda Miner RNC, CHN, CMTA

    If you are looking for that magic bullet to make you healthier, I would strongly recommend adding at least one of the following 4 Super Foods to your diet on a consistent basis.

    These foods are loaded with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, fiber and protein.

    All of the following foods are a good source of the phytonutrient antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which are carotenoids that are concentrated in the lens of the eye.

    Vitamin K, which is important for proper blood clotting and may be helpful in fighting Alzheimer's, is present in all these foods. They are all also an excellent source of potassium which is a very important nutrient for people with high blood pressure.

    For the rest of the story, go to

    Linda Miner is a Registered Nutritionist specializing in Metabolic Typing. Linda works with clients to help them restore their health by re-establishing balance in the body. Through one-on-one coaching and an individualized food plan based on your unique characteristics, Linda can help you achieve Optimal Health. If you are looking for a plan that is as unique as you are, then choose Linda Miner to be your Wellness Guide. Learn more at

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