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  1. Mr. Bad Food is Feeling the Post-Thanksgiving Binge Blues

    Here in Eastern Pennsylvania they give the school kids an extended Thanksgiving holiday. I think the real reason there is no school the Monday after turkey day is because close to one million well-armed hunters hit the woods for the first day of deer season.

    I am not a hunter -- never have been -- but I am a parent, so what this means to me is that my two kids have an extra day to run wild, run free.

    And as most parents will grudgingly admit, any day that the kids are home from school is a holiday from dieting or eating healthy. Okay, so maybe I am making excuses and finding reasons to explain why I followed up my Thanksgiving leftovers massacre with a pizza and wings blowout.

    Whatever the reason for my poor eating marathon, the fact remains here I sit feeling bad about the dietary damage I did this past five days.

    Let's be honest...

    I'll be honest with you. While I have been following the Diet-to-Go Carb30 program, I haven't been all that faithful to my perfectly portioned -- and very tasty -- meals. Like a philanderer rattles off his conquests, I can roll out my "cheats" over the past few weeks.

    There was the 1/3-pounder Angus burger value meal at McDonald's (hey, I had to feed the kids and we were an hour away from home!)... the two double cheeseburgers and fries at Burger King (hey, they were practically giving them away at a buck a piece!)... the fried chicken feast from Walmart (hey, it was there calling my name at the deli counter)...

    Bad food conquests and really lame excuses. Now that's a combo platter guaranteed to blow a healthy diet and pad a few extra pounds around a guy's gut.

    What makes this extra bad for me is that I have been mixing a low-carb diet with high-carb junk foods. That's a recipe for disaster. My previous bouts with low-carb dieting have taught me two things:

    1. Low-carb is a great way to lose weight quickly. For a meat lover like Mr. Bad Food, it almost seems like a diet plan made in heaven.

    2. Straying from the low-carb lifestyle and grazing on grain-rich grub is a great way to pack back on the weight you lost.

    I'm making a vow!

    So today I vow to you that come January 4th Mr. Bad Food will again get serious about his weight and his health. I will soon alert the caring customer service department at Diet-to-Go that I am switching over the Traditional Low-Fat program and will dive into it with as much passion as I used on those poor defenseless chicken wings I demolished for dinner last night.

    I may not have bagged a deer on the first day of hunting season but I sure did kill a lot of calories and fat grams.

    Oh, in case you are wondering why is Mr. Bad Food waiting another four weeks to get back on track, let me just say I am a procrastinator extraordinaire. I am also a guy who needs to wrap his fat-addled brain around a plan of action before I totally commit to it.

    Yes, it is another excuse but it's one my belly and I have to live with for a few more weeks.

    How are you doin'?

    So how are you faring with your diet? Let me know how you are handling the holidays.

    And be sure to check in often on my progress. In January, I will start posting my weekly weigh-in numbers. It's the best way I know how to stick with a mission -- make my life a public event!

    NOTE: Mr. Bad Food has taken over the Diet-to-Go blog. From this day on, you'll be getting inside my head and learning my take on everything related to food, nutrition and dieting. Got any topics you'd like me to cover? Leave a comment here and check back often.

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2009
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