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  1. New Year's Inspiration: How Jason Lost 77 lbs. with Diet-to-Go

    When his scale's needle crept past the 300-pound mark, Jason S. weighed his weight-loss options and chose delicious Diet-to-Go home-delivered meals over pills, potions, surgery or some trendy celebrity diet du jour.

    Less than nine months later, he's down a stunning 77 pounds and looking forward to an increasingly active lifestyle that already involves cycling, hiking and kayaking!

    "I've lost over 75 pounds on Diet-to-Go and it's helped transform the way I think about eating, food and exercise," says Jason, 33, who now regularly bikes the six miles to work and back.

    "At first, the goal was merely to give up control and have somebody prepare all my food for me so I didn't have to think about calorie intake."

    Jason, who lives and works in Washington D.C., started his weight loss journey at 312 pounds. While his ultimate goal weight is 200 pounds, Jason is extremely happy having slimmed down to 235 already.

    "I had tried to cut my portions and calories on my own, but never with a specific plan," Jason tells Diet-to-Go.

    "So for the new year, I wanted to join some type of meal plan. I found Diet-to-Go online and read about the program before deciding to join."

    Jason, at 6'1", really sank his teeth in to the perfectly-portioned meals before turning his attention to fitness.

    "As I felt better it was easy to add in exercise," Jason says. "I now bike to and from work each day to sneak in my cardio. I do a lot more hiking and other outdoor things that I enjoy."

    Simplicity Makes Diet-to-Go a Great Fit

    Jason says simplicity makes Diet-to-Go a great fit for his busy life.

    "With dieting, the hardest part is sticking to it," he says. "Diet-to-Go makes that easy. So when it was really hard all I had to do was eat what I was given.

    "Later on, I learned about portion control and calories, but when it gets hard, I just stick to the plan."

    Jason is following Diet-to-Go's Balance meal plan. He likes the variety provided by the five weeks of menus, but he loves Johnny's Vegetarian Pizza ("I can't believe it's as low calorie as it is!") and the Turkey Ham Salad on a Pretzel Roll.

    Jason started on the Diet-to-Go 7-day breakfast, lunch and dinner plan, but has since weaned himself down to where he now relies on the Diet-to-Go 5-day plan of lunches and dinners.

    "After I reach my goal weight I think I would still like to keep my Diet-to-Go account open for when I want to go back on either to maintain weight or when I have too much going on to cook," he notes.

    "I also plan on buying a scale to weigh food and keep within my calorie limits. I hope to be able to replicate some of the delicious Diet-to-Go meals now that I know what one serving of food looks like!"

    Small Steps Lead to Big Results!

    Jason urges anyone considering a diet to follow in his footsteps and start small.

    "I started with the meal plan and I didn't have a plan beyond that," he says. "I had hoped to lose about 1-2 pounds a week but the weight came off much quicker.

    "From there, add in activity that you enjoy. I really don't like the gym so I bike everyday. I have also added weight lifting to my routine with a trainer.

    "Once you start to see success you will want to continue. Stick to it! It's okay if you go off the plan once in awhile, but just get right back on!"

    Great advice, Jason! But how do you battle the occasional craving for comfort foods like wings and pizza?

    "My biggest temptations are snacking after work and in the evening, so I keep some fruit and vegetables in the house for when cravings hit," he says.

    "I like low-fat, low-salt popcorn as a snack. I tend to stay away from the 100-calorie packets of cookies and cakes. They would never be enough, so I just don't go there."

    Another way Jason wards off cravings is to stay outdoors and active.


    "I'm biking a lot and I'm hiking a lot more difficult trails," he says. "I also started kayaking and I'm much more active and outgoing now.

    "Instead of going home and watching TV or eating right after work, I head to the gym and work out or do something outdoors with friends."

    Well, Jason, it sounds like you have your weight issue under control. About all we can say is happy trails to you and your continued success!

    Author: John McGran

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