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  1. No Gain, No Pain: My Post Super Bowl Weigh-In

    The Super Bowl sacks many a diet. While this year's big game hasn't ended my dreams of weight loss, it sure has made me run an end-around on my path to a healthier weight.

    As regular followers of Mr. Bad Food know, I slipped and skidded on Super Bowl Sunday -- and not because of a football viewing party. My trigger was -- of all things -- a History Channel show on classic American foods.

    The pre-game run to a rib joint was followed by a game-time grazing of pizza and wings. Luckily, my one-day disaster hasn't proved disastrous for my overall desire to lose weight and gain health.

    I finished the week (my diet weeks runs Wednesday thru Tuesday) by sticking with my Diet-to-Go Low-Fat meals. The quality and quantity make it easy. As an example, I had two awesome pieces of salmon for last night's dinner and sides of cous cous and Mediterranean veggies.

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

    Despite the wintry weather that is slamming the East Coast and Midwest, my new week of meals arrived on time yesterday via FedEx. So as I sit here and look out of my home office window, I see a winter wonderland of fast-falling flakes and snow-covered roads.

    I am warmed by the thought I do not have to venture anywhere to get breakfast, lunch or dinner. My delicious meals are nestled in their proper places -- my kitchen fridge and garage freezer.

    Okay so back to today's weekly weigh-in. I was hoping to break even and I did. The scale mirrored last week's number of 223.6 which means I maintained my weight despite one super bad day of bingeing.

    The morale of this story: Weight loss is a marathon, not a one-day sprint. If you stick to healthy eating the vast majority of the time, you'll be just fine. No need for guilt... no need for regrets. That's wasted energy that can work on your resolve and lead you to toss in the towel.

    Stick to your guns and put down those sticky buns. I dropped 12.4 pounds so far and I expect to triple that by the time I am finished. You can achieve success too!

    My Top 5 Foods of the Week (not counting the ribs!)

    1) Egg quesadilla with a homemade potato cake

    2) Chicken stroganoff over bow tie pasta

    3) Turkey chili with cornbread muffin

    4) Turkey ham salad on a pretzel roll with lentil chili

    5) Chicken Alfredo melts on pita bread


    If the weekend has laid waste to your diet resolve, don't dive off the wagon and rush for those party leftovers. Instead, join the Diet-to-Go team and enjoy delicious meals and stress-free dieting that includes super bowls of fantastic food like Seafood Cioppino and cheese-topped Turkey Chili!

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2010
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