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  1. Our Customers Reveal Their Favorite Diet-to-Go Meals

    WARNING: The following blog includes graphic descriptions of favorite foods that may trigger excessive salivating and spur an overwhelming desire to order the best meal-delivery program in America. Read at your own risk.

    We love our food. We know we offer the most delicious and least-stressful healthy eating program in America... and maybe even the world.

    Our customers know it too. Just check out their responses to our recent Facebook page survey: name your 3 favorite Diet-to-Go meals.

    Friday's Facebook thread began with this simple request from yours truly, Diet-to-Go chief editor John McGran:

    "As we head towards another weekend, let's share our favorite Diet-to-Go meals. This food is really delicious and properly portioned. My 3 favorites: ham salad on the pretzel roll, Thai turkey tenderloin, and the whitefish with polenta and broccoli!

    "I actually have like 20 favorites! but I wanted to get the chain moving! This is the link to my descriptions of my favorite DTG meals."

    Inky Wine I've only been on it 9 days but I loved the Parmesan Chicken Wings!

    Maleena Walsh Kantorski I only just started on the plan this week but my fave so far is the turkey chili with cornbread. Yummo!

    Katie Banister I am also a newbie and have to say that ham salad on the pretzel roll is delicious!!!

    Mark LaFleur grilled cheeses, ham salad on pretzel roll, and chicken parm!

    Kelly Suth Willhoite I am doing the vegetarian plan so my 3 favorites are: mushroom ravioli, any of the melts, and cornbread!! Delicious!

    Leigh Ann Hildebrand Italian Meatballs, the 1/2 roasted chicken, and for some reason, the burger meals. They're very simple but the burger is very tasty. The meatloaf is good too...and the goat cheese chicken, and um, well... How about 3 favorites off of each week's menu?

    Diet-to-Go See, Leigh Ann! You too had a hard time picking just three... I love the meatball and chicken dinner on Carb30... and definitely that half of a chicken with the creamed cauliflower!

    Leigh Ann Hildebrand ...the chicken is verrry good -- I sometimes put the meat over fresh spinach with a little Caesar dressing for an impromptu chicken caesar. I think the half chicken also defies notions of what a diet meal looks like.

    Apol Morcilla There are lots of very good food from DTG meals but if i must pick.. Whitefish parmesan for Low-fat, Greek Pasta Salad for Vegetarian and Steak and Eggs for Carb30! But if I can add more, i will go on and on and on! :) Aren't we simply the best diet company there is?? :)

    Cynthia Parrott Ratatouille Omelet, the Quinoa Salad, and the Greek Stuffed Mushroom... OH MY!! I stilll dream about it... perfect for a vegetarian when ya really want something to sink your teeth into something... I have tried to make it at home but its never as good... DELISH!

    Leigh Ann Hildebrand I didn't even mention the prime rib -- love that! -- or the pork chop pomodoro. :-)

    Rachel Swing Potts Zucchini and potato cakes, the Jamie sandwich, and the veggies w/curry sauce:)

    Hungry yet? I know I am. To get started on the best meal plan for the time-starved person, click here now.

    Author: John McGran

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