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  1. Current Top 5 Fad Diets

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. How many times have we heard that warning? As with many things in life, if a weight-loss promise sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  

  2. Skipping Meals to Reduce Calories? Think Again!

    When your doctor or nutritionist says, “Cutting calories is the best way to lose weight,” it is easy to convince yourself that skipping breakfast or working through lunch is the way to go.

  3. Recovering From Overindulgence – 5 Tips to Get You Back on Track

    Was it a weekend at the beach, a night out on the town, or a BBQ blow-out that zapped your energy and filled you with regret? Rest assured, we've all been there before. Try these five tips to recover from an overindulgence and get back on track!

  4. 5 Tips for Staying Healthy on Your Summer Vacation

    Whether you’re on a road trip or taking flight, we’ve got you covered when it comes to healthy travel and vacationing this summer. Taking a break doesn’t mean you have to ditch your healthy habits!

  5. Got a Fitness Buddy? Here’s Why Accountability Works

    Why is it so easy to give up before your healthy new habits have become engrained? Better yet, how can you support your efforts to “stay the course” and keep doing what you know you need to do? It’s about accountability. Check out this article for ways you can set up accountability so you can develop healthy habits that stick.

  6. Have a Sedentary Job? 6 Tips to Make Work Healthier

    Sedentary jobs can wreak havoc on your health and fitness goals. How can you overcome the detrimental effects? Check out these five tips for making your time at work healthier for your body. 

  7. 7 Healthy Tips for the Office

    Your job may have a sneaky way of robbing time, influencing bad decisions and taking away your well-intended plans, but you can do something about it. 

  8. Healthy Eating: Cooking at Home vs. Eating Out

    It’s 7 p.m.: dinnertime. You just got home from a long day at work, running errands and sitting in rush-hour traffic for two hours, and you’re exhausted. Now comes the time when you decide if it’s worth the effort to cook at home, or if you should just grab your car keys and head to a restaurant instead.

  9. Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Oral Care and Overall Health

    Living a healthy life means making sure that your body is receiving all the proper vitamins and minerals it needs to function correctly. It’s also important to make sure that you’re maintaining a healthy mouth, since research suggests that poor oral health may be a link to certain health issues, including heart disease, obesity, stroke and even cancer.

    Here’s a list of some of the top vitamins and minerals your body – and mouth – need to stay strong and healthy. 

  10. Foods That Impact Your Oral Health

    If you practice regular oral hygiene, you’re already taking a great step towards your own health. Yet you may be surprised to learn that what you’re eating can have a negative impact on your teeth and gums. Recent studies show that poor dental hygiene is linked to an increased risk of dementia, an increased risk of pancreatic cancer, greater likelihood of developing diabetes and many other health problems.

  11. 5 Heart Healthy Desserts

    Happy Heart Health Month! Here’s a list of 5 heart healthy desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth and ensure you’re still eating what’s best for your heart.

  12. 5 Natural Sleep Aid Superfoods

    When you find yourself hungry for a late-night snack, it's the most natural thing in the world to reach for the ice cream, a bag of chips or a nightcap. But would you be selective if you knew that your choice of late-night nosh could make a difference in how easily you fall asleep and stay asleep?

    If you’re hankering for that late-night snack, you might want to put down the Dorito bag and grab one of these 5 natural sleep aid superfoods to help you fall asleep more quickly and your slumber last longer.

  13. Health Benefits of Gardening

    There’s something to be said for “playing in the dirt.” Gardening – the adult version of dirt playing – can be incredibly gratifying. Seeing that first bit of growth start to pop out of the ground after all your prepping, planting and pampering can be quite satisfying. However, did you realize that besides making you feel good about your agriculture aptitude, there are significant health benefits of gardening? It’s true. It may be time to dust off that shovel.

  14. Exercise and your Brain

    We all know exercise helps to increase our energy level, expedites weight loss and helps with weight management efforts, as well as provide tremendous benefits to our overall health, but what about your brain? What if any impact does physical exercise have on your brain? Many people claim that regular exercise helps keep them sane, but what are the facts?

    Are there real, tangible benefits of physical exercise on your brain?


  15. Best Foods for a Healthy Heart

    Our hearts do so much for us, it’s important we feed them well. Fortunately when you choose Diet-to-Go you can be assured you are getting all the nutrients your heart needs to be healthy and work it’s very best. But what about when you’re not eating Diet-to-Go? What are the best foods for a healthy heart?

  16. Stress and Heart Health

    Stress plays a major role in our heart health. In fact, more than exercise or even healthy eating, stress can have the biggest impact on your heart health in a myriad of ways. Learning to understand the kinds of stress, the possible impact it has on your heart and overall health as well as ways to manage stress will go a long way in keeping your heart, and you, as healthy as possible.

  17. Top Five Ways to Improve your Heart Health

    February, the month of love, is also American Heart Month. Heart Disease is the number one killer of women and cardiovascular disease (which includes a number of conditions affecting the heart) is the leading cause of death for both women and men. While the statistics are dire, the solutions are definitely doable. Read more to see the top five ways to improve your heart health...

  18. Heart Healthy Exercises

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we thought it only fitting to focus this blog on showing our hearts some love with an article on heart healthy exercises. Our hearts are constantly working for us; it’s time for us to give back.

  19. Hunger vs. Craving

    Ooh imagine, salty French Fries or what about warm, gooey chocolate brownies, just out of the oven…are you suddenly hungry? Or are you just craving them now? Can you tell the difference?

    We often confuse these terms -- hunger and craving -- but there really is a big difference between the two. And, before you can get your weight under control (and keep it there) you need to understand the difference between them, how to identify when you’re experiencing one or another, and manage your responses accordingly.

  20. Sleep and our Weight

    We know a lack of sleep can make us unfocused, lethargic and grumpy. But did you also know a lack of sleep can make us gain weight? Studies have shown that there is a direct link between sleep deprivation and weight gain...

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