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  1. 5 Natural Sleep Aid Superfoods

    5 Natural Sleep Aid Superfoods

    When you find yourself hungry for a late-night snack, it's the most natural thing in the world to reach for the ice cream, a bag of chips or a nightcap. But would you be selective if you knew that your choice of late-night nosh could make a difference in how easily you fall asleep and stay asleep?

    If you’re hankering for that late-night snack, you might want to put down the Dorito bag and grab one of these 5 natural sleep aid superfoods to help you fall asleep more quickly and your slumber last longer.

  2. Health Benefits of Gardening

    Health Benefits of Gardening

    There’s something to be said for “playing in the dirt.” Gardening – the adult version of dirt playing – can be incredibly gratifying. Seeing that first bit of growth start to pop out of the ground after all your prepping, planting and pampering can be quite satisfying. However, did you realize that besides making you feel good about your agriculture aptitude, there are significant health benefits of gardening? It’s true. It may be time to dust off that shovel.

  3. Exercise and your Brain

    Exercise and your Brain

    We all know exercise helps to increase our energy level, expedites weight loss and helps with weight management efforts, as well as provide tremendous benefits to our overall health, but what about your brain? What if any impact does physical exercise have on your brain? Many people claim that regular exercise helps keep them sane, but what are the facts?

    Are there real, tangible benefits of physical exercise on your brain?


  4. Best Foods for a Healthy Heart

    Best Foods for a Healthy Heart

    Our hearts do so much for us, it’s important we feed them well. Fortunately when you choose Diet-to-Go you can be assured you are getting all the nutrients your heart needs to be healthy and work it’s very best. But what about when you’re not eating Diet-to-Go? What are the best foods for a healthy heart?

  5. Stress and Heart Health

    Stress and Heart Health

    Stress plays a major role in our heart health. In fact, more than exercise or even healthy eating, stress can have the biggest impact on your heart health in a myriad of ways. Learning to understand the kinds of stress, the possible impact it has on your heart and overall health as well as ways to manage stress will go a long way in keeping your heart, and you, as healthy as possible.

  6. Top Five Ways to Improve your Heart Health

    Top Five Ways to Improve your Heart Health

    February, the month of love, is also American Heart Month. Heart Disease is the number one killer of women and cardiovascular disease (which includes a number of conditions affecting the heart) is the leading cause of death for both women and men. While the statistics are dire, the solutions are definitely doable. Read more to see the top five ways to improve your heart health...

  7. Heart Healthy Exercises

    Heart Healthy Exercises

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we thought it only fitting to focus this blog on showing our hearts some love with an article on heart healthy exercises. Our hearts are constantly working for us; it’s time for us to give back.

  8. Hunger vs. Craving

    Hunger vs. Craving

    Ooh imagine it...hot, salty French Fries or what about warm, gooey chocolate brownies, just out of the oven…are you suddenly hungry? Or are you just craving them now? Can you tell the difference?

    We often confuse these terms -- hunger and craving -- but there really is a big difference between the two. And, before you can get your weight under control (and keep it there) you need to understand the difference between them, how to identify when you’re experiencing one or another, and manage your responses accordingly.

  9. Sleep and our Weight

    Sleep and our Weight

    We know a lack of sleep can make us unfocused, lethargic and grumpy. But did you also know a lack of sleep can make us gain weight? Studies have shown that there is a direct link between sleep deprivation and weight gain...

  10. Salt, Sodium and our Health

    Salt, Sodium and our Health

    Table salt (which is a combination of sodium and chloride) has been an important part of the human diet for centuries. In fact, the ability to taste saltiness is one of our basic human characteristics. Salt can bring out the flavor of foods, help to preserve our food, and even helps to transport vital nutrients around our bodies. But despite all the good aspects of salt, we often hear how detrimental it is to our overall wellbeing. So what is the story with salt, sodium and our health?Common table salt is really...

  11. Is Your Health Food Really Healthy?

    Is Your Health Food Really Healthy?

    It's ok to admit, we've all done it. We've all fallen victim to poser foods at one point or another. You know those foods we thought were healthy, but it turns out, really aren't. You think you're making a smart choice only to be tripped up by a phony: a candy bar in a protein bar's clothing. So next time your stomach starts grumbling, think before you eat, read all labels and keep...

  12. One Week to a Healthier Diet

    One Week to a Healthier Diet

    Learning what information to follow and what to ignore can be quite difficult when it comes to diet and eating right. There are so many 'rules' to follow and many sources conflict with one another. Even the USDA...

  13. 5 Deadly Habits That Are Sure to Kill You Early

    5 Deadly Habits That Are Sure to Kill You Early

    None of us is perfect when it comes to maintaining our health; we all have our own small vices. However, while some things are just bumps in the road, these 5 habits are a THREAT- not only your daily happiness and health - but to your life. Kick these five dangerous habits to the curb before...

  14. How to Overcome the Post Vacation Blues

    How to Overcome the Post Vacation Blues

    Post-vacation blues are just awful. After being away and enjoying a trip, going back to your everyday routine can be harsh. And, if you took a little vacation from your healthy diet habits while away the return to reality can be downright brutal. There are so many resources to help you stay healthy while ON vacation but very little to ease the transition back to reality. A lapse in healthy eating combined with post-vacation blues can ruin your nutritious home habits. Here are some simple techniques to fight those blues, ease back into your healthy routine and recover from your...

  15. Women's Health: Checklist of Important Screening Tests, Checkups

    Women's Health: Checklist of Important Screening Tests, Checkups

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Diet-to-Go guest blogger Mia Redrick has made it her mission to help harried moms everywhere learn how to take care of themselves -- mentally and physically. Today she turns her attention to...

  16. Fuel for Thought: Your Diet's Effect on Your Productivity

    Fuel for Thought: Your Diet's Effect on Your Productivity

    This is not a blog entry about energy drinks. I find that when I start to talk about food and productivity, people instantly start asking me about energy drinks.How can I get energy to work when I have not taken care of myself, haven't gotten enough rest, and am exhausted?Answer: if you are that tired, your strategy needs to be power napping. Try 20 minutes and see what that does for you.Let's suppose, though, that you are not quite in that state of emergency yet. Instead, you want to know what foods to include in your diet so that you...

  17. Just by Losing a Few Pounds You Can Greatly Improve Heart Health

    Just by Losing a Few Pounds You Can Greatly Improve Heart Health

    There's a good chance you are overweight. I know I am. I also know that it's sometimes daunting to think about how many pounds you NEED TO LOSE just to feel better and get healthier.Odds are you're setting your sights extremely high... much higher than you actually need to make a difference.A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology says even moderate weight loss and moderate exercise like walking play a big difference in your heart health.You just can't beat news like that!Researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found that moderate...

  18. Dr. Sankar: The Magical Role of Fiber in Your Diet

    Dr. Sankar: The Magical Role of Fiber in Your Diet

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Living a healthier lifestyle is a truly global ambition. With that in mind, meet Dr. Racha Sankar. She operates a bariatric center in Damascus, Syria but earned her degree in diet and nutrition at Florida International University. Our worldly friend is here with a blog about fiber. At my clinic, the most common complaint I hear is: Help! I simply cannot lose weight anymore!My first question: Are you constipated?The usual response: Yes... and I am always feeling bloated after each meal!From my practice, I realized that we choose foods more wisely when we are dieting but we tend...

  19. 5 Metabolism Boosters You Drink or Eat!

    5 Metabolism Boosters You Drink or Eat!

    For many who strive to lose weight and get into shape, their initial solution is to diet.But sometimes simply reducing your caloric intake and minimizing meal portions isn't enough.Sometimes you actually need to add more food into your meal plan-especially those that will help you workout harder so you can burn off extra calories. 5 Metabolism Boosters You Drink or Eat WaterIn order to help speed up your weight lost and give your metabolism a little boost, it's imperative that you drink lots of water throughout the day (and not just when you're working out).This is because, according to researchers,...

  20. The Warning Signs of Stroke, Heart Attack

    The Warning Signs of Stroke, Heart Attack

    It's American Heart Month. Do you know the warning signs of heart attack or stroke?Why is it so important to worry about our heart health? Well, according to the American Heart Association, "Cardiovascular diseases, including stroke, are our nation's No. 1 killer."The purpose of American Heart Month -- an event that has taken place each year since 1963 -- is to urge Americans to join the battle against cardiovascular diseases.To learn more about the American Heart Association and its efforts to save lives, go to www.americanheart.org.Meanwhile, here are the warning signs that you may be at risk of a heart...

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