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  1. Pinterest Top 10 - Week of Feb. 4

    From healthy eating, to fun fitness routines, to motivation you won't find anywhere else, we want to share some pins we love. Each week, we will select the Pinterest top 10 pins of the week and share them, from our hearts to yours.

    1. Healthy Snacks

    We all know that carrots are constantly recommended as a healthy snack, but sometimes baby carrots can get old and redundant. That’s why this pin is so awesome. It turns out, carrots can be enjoyed in numerous ways, including by baking them in the oven! Give this a shot for a fun way to make your afternoon snack enjoyable in a new kind of way.





    2. Healthy Recipe

    It’s a classic comfort food. You probably serve it to the kids and sneak a bite or two in, but just can’t bring yourself to dish up a bowl for yourself because of all the calories and fat you know it has. But don’t deprive yourself! Whip up this recipe for classic mac-and-cheese. It’s only 185 calories per serving. You can still have what you love, all while avoiding the traditional unhealthy recipe for this Southern comfort meal.



    3. Food Fun

    One struggle mothers often face is getting healthy food to be more appealing to their little ones. Here’s a fun way to arrange the plate so that your kiddos will be desperate for a bite. If they’re between the ages of 2-4, try asking them to identify the shapes and colors so that the meal turns into a fun learning game too.


    4. Food Humor

    …Just a little something to elicit a soft chuckle. ☺



    5. Random Goodness

    Incorporating the way you treat your body is a lifestyle change. That means you should lose the mentality of “dieting” just to look good, and rather start loving your body in a way that goes beyond superficiality. Your body takes you through life every single day, so it’s important to treat it with the respect it deserves.



    6. Health Information

    Do you have difficulty concentrating? Do you get chest pains or frequent aches all over your body? Perhaps you are overeating or under-eating? Then you may be overstressed, and it’s time to get help. Stress can put undo pressure on your heart and body, so managing it is extremely important. Talk to your doctor if you’re suffering from one or more of these symptoms.


    7. Fitness Routine

    If you have difficulty finding time to go to the gym or don’t want to purchase expensive equipment, it’s okay. Follow this guide and you can use a simple household towel to work out your triceps, quads and shoulders, as well as practice your balance. It’s a fun way to get fit using things around the house.





    8. Fitness Information


    This is the kind of information you need to just get in there and get it done.



    9. Motivation 

    Living in the moment is often a good life philosophy, but not when it gets in the way of your health and fitness. Next time you pick up that large fries and greasy hamburger, think about this. They may taste great in the moment, but they aren’t going to feel great in the future.

    10. Nutritional Information

    If you’re like many Americans, you may trust the cover of a box to provide you sound information that will help you decide which food to purchase over another. That’s what is so great about this pin. It shows all the hidden lies behind the claims made on the boxes by food manufacturers, revealing the truth about what you’re really buying.

    Source: via Diet-to-Go on Pinterest


    Author: Caitlin H
    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is a journalist by trade and an avid runner. She is passionate about maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and encouraging people to engage in common-sense eating. Caitlin believes a well-rounded life is all about balancing fitness with nutrition that incorporates all aspects of food and proper portion-sizes.

    Follow Caitlin on Twitter @CaitlinHendee

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