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  1. Poor diet now number one killer in U.S. - Weekly Roundup

    How poor diet trumps tobacco use as the number one killer of Americans, companies use manipulative online tactics to exploit your children, and other top health-related news stories, blogs, celebrity weight loss updates and studies from around the web. Only the best. All in one convenient place.

    Featured Stories

    Poor Diet Sinks U.S. in Health Rankings
    Journal of the American Medical Association
    via: CrossFit Journal

    Wake-up call: We’ve known for years that smoking kills. But get this: Researchers recently found that Americans’ poor diet has surpassed even tobacco-use as the number one killer of people (due to obesity-related illnesses like heart disease, hypertension and stroke). We’re dying from these diseases at a rate far faster than much poorer countries who spend far less on health care. Read more →

    Nutrition Standards Won’t Fix Big Food’s Worst Child Marketing Tactics
    Huffington Post
    By: Michele Simon

    Junk food. It’s loaded with sugar, fat and all sorts of things that damage your children’s mind and body. And huge food corporations also heavily market it to kids. But are our demands that companies change the food itself enough? Of should we focus instead on the dangerous ways a poor diet is marketed to children? Companies like McDonald’s use their online website to exploit children by indirectly getting them to provide friends’ email addresses. The fact that most 2-5-year-olds say McDonald’s is the most recognizable brand they know lends evidence that they are doing a good job. And that’s what’s scary when it come to our children's health. Read more →

    News & Articles

    Cheap white bread: ‘There is no point in having it at all,’ says nutritionist
    Bakery and Snacks
    By: Kacey Cullinery

    If you plan on munching down on a sandwich for lunch, you might want to consider replacing your plain white bread with something a little more wholesome. Especially if you actually want to get some nutritional value from it (and not just additional calories). One nutritionist says that there’s no point at all to eating white bread, as it has no nutritional value whatsoever. Read more →

    Obesity has been ruled a disease, now how will it be treated?
    Daily News
    By: LeeAnn Weintraub

    The American Medical Association voted to classify obesity as a disease. But how will doctors diagnose people? Many agree that BMI is not necessarily an accurate indicator of obesity. And what about health care costs? Will this mean more or less of a financial burden on the health care system? Lots of unanswered questions to a pretty interesting development. Read more →

    50 Million diet every year, but only 5 percent lose weight -- What’s the best weight loss programs?
    Pittsburgh Courier

    Every year, millions of Americans determine that the time is now to lose weight and get fit. Yet only a small percentage of those who make the commitment actually succeed. Why? It’s really a combination of things. “Quick-fix” diet scams that suck you in and leave you feeling empty, miracle pills that promise the world and never deliver and much, much more leave the industry reeling. So how can you succeed? A simple formula →

    Why diet, not exercise, is the key to reversing obesity trends

    By: Emily Bourke

    They’re feeding us poison. And they’ve been doing it for years. Companies lace almost all processed food nowadays with tons of excess sugar, sodium, fat and all sorts of horrible things to literally addict people to food. The result? An ever-growing rise in obesity rates, higher healthcare costs associated with disease and ultimately early death. It doesn’t matter that more and more people are getting active. The fact remains that without changes in diet, obesity will continue to rise. Read more →

    Success Stories

    ‘Food on a diet’ helps couple drop pounds
    By: Matthew Casey

    Like many middle-aged couples in the U.S., Mike and Kay Alexander struggle with obesity. Over the years, they stopped taking as good of care of themselves, and the pounds started to pile on. Over an 18-month period, Kay managed to drop a staggering 130 pounds, while Mike lost 65. How did they do it? Interestingly enough, not by putting themselves on a diet, but rather their food. Utilizing their background as chemical engineers, they figured out ways to reduce the calorie-counts of their favorite foods. For example, they reinvented their spaghetti noodles wby using broccoli slaw instead, as well as substituted cauliflower for potatoes. Some of their other tricks →

    Celebrity Weight Loss

    Gwyneth Paltrow’s Diet and Exercise Regime takes discipline!
    Hollywood Take
    By: Megan Schaefer

    She’s widely regarded as one of the fittest, best-looking actresses in Hollywood. So how does she maintain such a sleek frame? By exercising daily, cutting carbs and making sure her family eats right. Read more → 

    Chris Pratt shows off dramatic ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ weight loss
    By: Neil Marshall

    "Parks and Recreation" star Chris Pratt is doing everything he can to prove he’s got what it takes to star in his upcoming role for the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy.” He gave up beer, works out regularly and started eating a ton of healthy greens to get in shape for the roll. Considering how he looked before, his efforts lend more evidence to the fact that anyone can get in shape if they set their mind to it. See his video →

    Rob Kardashian’s weight loss battle isn’t lost just because he ate a burger
    The Stir
    By: Maressa Brown

    Lot’s of people have had their eye on Rob Kardashian after he announced earlier this year that he was going to lose weight - 50 pounds total - and get in shape. When some groupies got him on video eating a burger, the Internet world gossip started coming in droves - people making assumptions that he’d given up and was back to his old unhealthy habits. But seriously? Shouldn’t these people remember the old saying their mom taught them as a kid: Assumptions make an ass out of you and me? Just because he ate one burger doesn’t mean his batte is lost. And that’s something you should remember too. One mistake, one indulgence every now and again is fine. You can turn it back around in one simple moment. Read more →

    Diet Fail! Kevin Hames Packs on Weight Again & Heads Over 300 Pounds
    Radar Online
    By: Radarstaff

    Hollywood funny man Kevin James recently lost a ton of weight - the only problem? He packed it (plus more) on again all too quickly. He’s currently working on Grown Ups 2, and he looks quite heftier than he used to. See the side-by-side photos → 

    Amanda Bynes’ Weight Loss and Plastic Surgery: Cause for Alarm?
    Hollywood Gossip
    By: Free Britney

    The prior Disney star has really taken to Twitter these days. And one of her favorite Ttweet subjects? Discussing her weight (currently at a scary 114 pounds). More specifically, the troubled star longs to weight 100 pounds. With her 5’8” frame, that’s a dangerously-low BMI. What’s she look like →

    Candice Glover’s Amazing 30-Pound Weight Loss - How She Did It!
    Hollywood Life
    By: HL Intern

    American Idol winner Candice Glover dropped over 30 pounds since she won the popular singing competition back in January. How is she doing it? She attributes it to her “crazy schedule,” calling the rehearsal studio her, “gym.” See the photos →


    Area dieticians share their quick and healthy breakfast tips
    Patriot News
    By: Julie Dreese

    It’s the most important meal of the day. It gets you energized, gets you going and keeps you full and focused until lunch. But so many of us neglect it, skip it or munch down on a bowl of sugary cereal rather than eating something of substance. If you’re one of those people (and let’s face it, most of us are), then check out how these nutritionists fuel up with healthy, quick, on-the-go foods that will keep you satisfied and ready to take on the day. Read more →

    5 Tips to Overcoming Perfectionism
    By: Lissa Rankin

    If you’ve ever tried to lose weight and beat yourself up for not doing it exactly the way you’d anticipated, then you likely have some desire for perfection. Being a perfectionist can cause stress, anxiety and a host of other issues. So how can you overcome an innate desire to be flawless 100 percent of the time and still achieve your weight loss goals? It’s possible, with these tips. Explore them →

    Weight Loss Pet Peeves: What NOT to Say to Someone on a Diet
    Huffington Post

    “I don’t think you’re that big.” Ever heard that one? It’s especially annoying when you’re on a diet and trying to change to get healthy. But that’s not the only one that’s frustrating. How about someone telling you to stop eating carbs, or do something differently than you’re already doing. So. Annoying. What other Pet Peeves make the list? Find out →

    10 Cutting-Edge Tips for Total Health
    By: Dr. Angela Young

    Health tip blogs are a dime a dozen (seriously, there must be hundreds published every week). While they’re all great to look at to keep yourself on-track, sometimes one stands out from the crowd. This particular blog has some creative tips for staying healthy. Things like “stop blaming Mom and Dad,” and “Reconsider the F-Word,” make the list, along with many more unique ways to get you thinking about how you can give your body a total overhaul. The tip list →

    Running Forward, But Looking Back
    Rather be Runnin’
    By: Ashley Jones

    Do you ever reflect on all the turns your life has taken? It’s a great thing to do every now-and-then because it shows you where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. Ashley Jones takes the time to look back on all she’s accomplished over the last 5 years in this post, and the results are both touching and impressive. Her accomplishments →

    Healthy Food and Family
    By: Jennifer Pabst

    When you’ve spent years focusing on losing weight and failed over and over again, sometimes the best thing to do is shift the focus to something else. Stop worrying so much about losing weight and just enjoy a lifestyle change. That’s when Jennifer did, and by diverting her attention, she was able to lose and maintain over 45 pounds. How she refocused →


    Diet or exercise: Which matters more for weight loss?
    Psychological Science
    via: Women’s Health via ABC News

    So what do you think, is it diet or exercise that is more important for losing weight? Although most experts agree that a combination of both is key, a recent series of six studies indicates that people who focus more on diet, rather than exercise, tend to have a lower BMI than those who don’t. Read more →

    Late lunching can slow weight loss
    Journal of International Obesity
    via: Pakistan Observer

    More and more research is bringing to light that it’s not just about the calories you consume, but also the time of day you consume them that affects weight loss. A new study suggests that the later you eat your main meal of the day (dinner for most Americans, lunch for most of the rest of the world), the more likely you are to slow weight loss. Read more →

    Could diet while growing up affect our childrens’ vitality?
    via: Outcome Magazine

    Setting an example for our children, especially when it comes to exercise and diet, is imperative to their longevity because it sets the precedent for what they’ll eat the rest of their lives. And according to a recent study, children who eat lots of protein, rather than sugar, are likely to be healthier in all sorts of aspects later in life, including when it comes to reproduction. Read more →

    Nutrition plays key role in muscle loss
    via: Female First UK

    According to new research, women’s intake of protein, acids and bases, vitamins D and B and calcium directly contribute to a loss of muscle mass. Women should combine a certain amount of these nutritional elements with resistance training to ensure they don’t have a large amount of muscle mass loss. See what you need to eat →

    How Pregnancy Changes a Runner’s Body
    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth
    via: New York Times

    We all know that pregnancy causes our bodies to go through drastic changes, affecting everything from weight to height and more. But if you are a runner, did you know pregnancy also changes how you run. Anything from your stride, to your pelvis tilt, to how you land can shift, and new research on the matter is being conducted. But if you’ve ever had a baby, there are things you can do to strengthen your stride. What are they? Read more →

    Diet soft drinks don’t help with weight loss and could be making you fat, study shows
    Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism
    via: Herald Sun

    Many studies have come out in recent years indicating that far from helping with weight loss, diet soda actually may play a role in slowing your metabolism, corrupting enzymes and increasing sugar cravings. Researchers recently reviewed all of these studies and released a report that found that they drastically interfere with your body’s regular energy regulation. Read more →


    Author: Caitlin H
    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is a journalist by trade and an avid runner. She is passionate about maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and encouraging people to engage in common-sense eating. Caitlin believes in living a well-rounded life, to include balancing time with family, friends, fitness and food.


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