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  1. Rachel Lost 30 lbs, Slashed Her Risk for a Second Heart Attack

    She's lost 30 pounds, but it's not the numbers on the bathroom scale that matters most to Rachel. What really matters to this Diet-to-Go slimmer are the numbers on her blood test results.

    After following Diet-to-Go for a year now, Rachel is happy to report her blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides all fall well within the healthy range.

    Also extremely happy about Rachel's much-improved numbers and greatly lowered heart disease risk: her doctor. Rachel, 58, turned to Diet-to-Go last year after she suffered a heart attack in 2008.

    "From a cardiac perspective, my doctor is very happy for me getting this far," says Rachel, whose all-time high weight was 204. "My blood pressure is normal and the stress on my heart is much less.

    "My lipid panel and cholesterol and triglyceride numbers are fabulous! I saw the numbers nosediving as I stayed with the Diet-to-Go program. I think it's terrific and my doctor is just thrilled."

    Government worker Rachel also credits the National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease with helping her get back on her feet and less afraid of a second heart attack.

    "My heart attack was a huge wake-up call," says Rachel, who lives and works in Alexandria, Virginia. "Before Diet-to-Go helped me lower my heart disease risk, I was afraid to shovel snow last year... I feared another heart attack."

    That fear has been replaced by the calm realization Rachel has met her fears head-on and took action.

    "I'm down 30 pounds in a year and although I know that doesn't sound like a lot to a lot of people, it is exactly what I intended to do - slow and steady weight loss," Rachel notes. "My doctor insisted on slow weight loss because he didn't want me losing heart muscle."

    Rachel notes that she will always have to take medications for her heart disease but she loves the fact that her Diet-to-Go Traditional Low-Fat meal plan meets the guidelines of organizations such as the American Heart Association.

    Rachel credits the great food for keeping her on track. She loves the fact she never feels hungry between meals following her Diet-to-Go program.

    "The confidence I have in the program greatly outweighs any sort of meal fatigue," she says. "It's good for my overall health - we've shown that with lab data. For me it's not just about being thinner. My lab work results are what keep me going."

    Rachel's favorite meals include the Tuscan Boats, which are basically stuffed potato skins accompanied by a delicious wheatberry salad. Other meals she looks forward to are the tuna salad ("it's always fresh and doesn't have too much mayo") and the salmon dinners ("they're really delicious... I won't cook fish for myself").

    Our featured success doesn't have an official end-of-diet goal. She says because of its convenience, taste and effectiveness, the Diet-to-Go program will remain part of her life for "as long as possible... we'll see where it goes."

    "The numbers that matter to me are not on a scale; the numbers that matter are on my blood work results!"

    5 Quick Questions with Rachel

    What do you like about Diet-to-Go?

    "Convenience, convenience, convenience and portion control. I have no decisions to make."

    What differences have you enjoyed since dropping 30 pounds?

    "I got a 'gold star' from my cardiologist. That was great! It's also much more fun being on the golf course."

    What finally triggered you to get serious about weight loss?

    "I had a major heart attack in 2008 and survived. I want to be an example of a healthy lifestyle for my children and future grandchildren."

    What advice do you have for people with a lot of weight to lose?

    "Take it one day or one hour at a time."

    What things are you doing now that you couldn't or wouldn't do before losing weight with Diet-to-Go?

    "I feel more confident in my appearance and demeanor and I am more poised."

    Author: John McGran

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