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  1. 10 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Success (And Pro Tips to Avoid Them)

    It’s your weekly weigh-in. You hop on the scale, thinking you did pretty well this past week, and then the disappointment creeps in — not much of a difference.

    That can be an extremely frustrating feeling, one that can cause you to feel dejected, hopeless and even make you feel like giving up.

    But before you throw in the towel, make sure that you’re not doing something that’s sabotaging your success, something simple that you may not have even noticed.

    We compiled a list of 10 ways you may be doing just that — without even meaning to.

    are you counting your drink calories1) You're not counting drink calories.

    You had a glass of orange juice with breakfast? The typical number of calories in that glass are about 115 calories. Did you log them? Or maybe you sipped some wine with dinner? That’s another 130 calories. Research shows that the calories we drink don’t make us feel full like the calories we eat do.

    Pro Tip:

    Try drinking flavored water instead. It’s calorie-free and there is plenty of healthy produce you can use to take the flavor up a notch.

    2) You're not counting snack calories.

    That handful of cereal you grabbed while making the kids’ breakfast? That was about 100 calories right there. Or the chips you ate while making dinner? Another 120 calories. It’s easy to forget about those quick bites you put in your mouth without even thinking, especially when you have a snack attack or are feeling especially stressed. But they count (a lot) towards weight loss goals.

    Pro Tip:

    Practice mindful eating by setting rules for yourself that you won’t eat unless you are sitting and paying full attention to what you’re putting in your body.

    guesstimating portion sizes3) You're guesstimating portion sizes.

    This one’s especially tough when it comes to eating out, enjoying dinner at a friends’ house or making a plate at a party. Your best solution is to come prepared by knowing what you’ll eat ahead of time. When that’s not an option, going smaller or choosing the food that looks healthiest is your best bet.

    Pro Tip:

    Diet-to-Go takes the guesswork out of it! Our meal plans are perfectly proportioned for calories and nutrition to help you meet your weight loss goals.

    4) Your cheating your fitness/calorie app.

    You’re not logging all the calories you ate? You’re only hurting yourself. While it may look good to be under your calorie-budget on the screen at the end of the day, it’s not doing anything towards seeing those real results you’re after.

    Pro Tip:

    It's time to get brutally honest with yourself and while your app results might not always be stellar, you'll be well on your way to real results instead of imaginary ones. This is another time when mindful eating can help. It’s very possible that you may not even be meaning to cheat your app by grabbing quick snacks in a hurry or stress-eating. By practicing mindful eating, you’ll learn how to set guidelines such as slowing down, eating only when sitting and turning the TV off — all things that will help you know what you’re putting into your body.

    falling for weight loss gimicks
    5) You're falling for marketing lies.

    That latest weight loss pill you saw — it’s very likely a trick. Or the magic band you can put around your stomach? Also far-fetched. The fact is, if there was a magic fix to losing weight, everyone would be doing it.    

    Pro Tip:

    Rather than spending money on pills or gimmicks, try making small, daily changes instead. Don’t go all-in right away, which lowers your chance of success. Instead, be realistic with weight loss goals and make it a lifestyle change, rather than a yo-yo diet.

    6) You're making assumptions about nutrition.

    Just because something claims to be healthy doesn’t mean it is healthy. Trail mix, protein shakes, multi-grain bread, smoothies, those are all examples of foods that are often associated with being “healthy,” but are in fact loaded with excess sugars, sodium and carbohydrates.

    Pro Tip:  

    Run an internet search on the food that claims to be healthy before buying it. Pay close attention to calorie counts, as well as sugars, carbs and sodium. The higher it is in all those things, the less likely it is to be as healthy as it claims to be.

    are you eating too much and don't realize it?7) You're eating too much.

    Even if you are eating healthy foods, like fruits, veggies and whole grains, it doesn’t mean you have a license to eat as much of it as you want. Despite the fact that eating healthy foods matters toward your overall health, the simple formula for weight loss still rules: if you’re eating more calories than you’re burning each day, you’re not going to lose any weight.

    Pro Tip:

    Keep track of your calories and fitness using apps like MyFitnessPal and Fitbit.


    8) You're eating too little. 

    There’s a reason doctors and nutritionists are adamant about not starving yourself — it’s super unhealthy and, even if you lose weight in the short run, it doesn’t last. Your body is like a machine; it needs fuel to run. When you eat the right amount, it runs well, boosts your metabolism and leads to a happier, healthier life. When you eat too little, you are more easily stressed and tired, can get sick more easily and will not be able to keep the weight off in the long run.

    Pro Tip:

    Eat the calorie level that’s right for you each day. You can learn exactly what that is by leveraging Diet-to-Go’s free diet analysis tool.

    sabotaging your own weight loss9) You're buying the wrong kinds of foods.

    When it’s in your cupboard, you’re going to eat it — plain and simple! If you bypass junk food like chips, cookies, ice cream and candy while shopping, it’s much easier to avoid eating it later.

    Pro Tip:

    Avoid the center aisles of the grocery store as much as possible. Instead, stick to the outskirts of the store where things like fresh produce, dairy and lean meats are sold.

    10) You’re not catching enough Zzzzz’s.

    A lack of sleep can make us grumpy and lethargic, sure. But it can also impact our weight loss. Studies have shown that sleep is imperative to keeping our hormones in balance. When we don’t get enough of it, our hormones increase our appetites and set our metabolisms off-kilter.

    Pro Tip:

    Lots of people have a tough time sleeping. Luckily, there are several resources that offer guides to getting better sleep — such as having a cool environment, decluttering your bedroom and even reading a boring book before bedtime.

    What are some things you did this week to sabotage your own weight loss success that you can do differently next week? Share in the comments below! 


    Author: Caitlin H
    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is the Diet-to-Go community manager and an avid runner. She is passionate about engaging with others online and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. She believes moderation is key, and people will have the most weight loss success if they engage in common-sense healthy eating and fitness.


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