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  1. School Daze: Time to Register for Healthy Eating 101

    September means back to school for many of us moms, dads and students. This year, let's all make September a time to register for a healthier lifestyle which, of course, means a healthier way of eating, too!

    This registration won't cost you any money, but it could save you from health risks – and it might even mean a few extra years of happy, healthful living!

    So are you ready to register for Healthy Eating 101? First, you must fill out a short form – it's your vow to stick with the agenda throughout the fall and beyond!

    The registration form

    I, _______________, promise on this day, month and year _________________ to begin Healthy Eating 101 , which is a learning process that will improve my health and help me lose the extra weight I have gained from making poor choices and from eating too much food!

    I am worth the effort. I will be happier from this experience. I will break free of the bad habits that have led me to rely too much on junk food, fast food and over-processed, convenience foods!

    In addition to my resolve to improve my eating habits, I understand that what's required from me is an insatiable thirst for ways to eat properly.

    Your resources

    Healthy Eating 101 does not require any special books or tools, although you are most welcome to add to your knowledge of healthy eating with regular visits to the book store. Because you are reading this feature, you already have access to the Internet. Therefore, you also have access to, which is the website that can help you in the short term and the long term.

    In the short term, we can help you eat properly by signing you up for one of our super delicious, perfectly-portioned meals plans – Low-Fat, Low-Carb or Vegetarian.

    For the long haul, we promise to keep you educated with news and expert advice on how to eat healthier. You can get extra credit – and extra knowledge – by visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages.

    You should also surf the Internet for respected websites that cater to nutrition, diet and fitness, but...

    WARNING: Do not fall for claims of quick weight loss and do not feel obligated to buy pills or gadgets that promise "miracle" benefits. Healthy Eating 101 is not an overnight answer for your weight and health problems, but it is a safe, effective way to slowly lose the weight you packed on by eating poorly.


    Everyone who registers for Healthy Eating 101 gets an "A" for their desire to improve their situation. Whether you have 10 pounds to lose or 210 pounds, you need to take the same first step. And that's what Healthy Eating 101 is all about – getting you to make better choices that will lead to a healthier, trimmer you.

    Okay, so  Healthy Eating 101 is not an official program. But it is a great way to get you in the frame of mind needed to get moving towards a better tomorrow.

    As your instructor, I will start a Healthy Eating 101 Forum on the website. Let's make it a point to meet there regularly for support and encouragement. A support system of friends and like-minded dieters is a great way to enhance your progress.

    We're in a class of our own. Now let's graduate onto healthier eating and improved health!

    Class dismissed... see you at the forum!


    John McGran has been a writer/editor for about as long as he's been battling his weight. During his 25-year career, John has written for several newspapers, tabloids and Web sites. You may recognize his name and style from the seven years he spent writing a Worst of the Worst Foods column as Mr. Bad Food. If you have any topics you'd like John to tackle, feel free to write him at  

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