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  1. See How 9 Contest Challengers Lost 321 lbs!

    The annual Extreme BBrickover weight loss challenge was a stunning success with 9 men and women losing a total of 321 pounds - that's an awesome average of 35.7 pounds per contestant!


    Overall winner Paul Sappington lost 20.85% of his total body weight... a whopping 49.0 pounds in just eight weeks!


    Paul won the contest, but the honorary prize for most pounds dropped goes to second-place finisher Nathaniel Luckman who shed a super 68.0 pounds or 19.93% of his body weight!


    Also worth mentioning is third-place finisher Mark Kim who pared 54.0 pounds.


    Diet-to-Go provided the food; the challengers did the rest.


    "We are so proud of Paul and the rest of the competitors," said Michelle Agin, Diet-to-Go director of marketing.


    "It takes a lot of drive and determination to make it through such a public event - we're just glad we were able to help out by providing all the food and taking the stress out of eating healthy."


    Diet-to-Go wasn't alone in supporting this Partners in Health initiative. The second annual Extreme BBrickover weight loss challenge was also sponsored by Brick Bodies/ Lynne Brick's Women's Health & Fitness centers and ABC-TV Channel 2 in Baltimore.


    Diet-to-Go provided all of the meals each contestant ate - that's 56 breakfasts, 56 lunches and 56 dinners. All meals were perfectly portioned and chef-created to ensure proper nutrition and steady weight loss. The meals meet or exceed the guidelines of major health organizations such as American Dietetic Association.


    "We're honored to be an ongoing part of this life-changing challenge," Agin noted. "Diet-to-Go has already helped thousands of men and women lose weight with our variety of diets and delicious meals. Now we can add 9 more names to that list."

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2009
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