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  1. See How Cindy Shed 67 lbs... and Keeps Losing!

    Cindy G. considers herself a work in progress – even though she has already lost 67 pounds with the help of Diet-to-Go!

    The ever-smiling Virginian is happy that she's so far slimmed from 372 pounds to 305, but she keeps her eye on her long-term goal weight and a healthier lifestyle.

    "Although 67 pounds is a lot of weight, I actually can't see the difference and will keep on dieting until I reach my ultimate goal of 200," Cindy says.

    "Diet-to-Go is definitely one component of my success. Diet-to-Go has taken the work of shopping and preparing food out of the mix which is a huge help in my busy life.

    "The plan has given me some much-needed time to exercise which is another big component of my personal program. Thank you, Diet-to-Go, for being there with such tasty food!"

    Why Diet-to-Go?

    Cindy, 49, turned to Diet-to-Go for weight loss because her mother had tried the plan and told her that the meals were good and the process was simple. And we all know Mother knows best!

    "Although I had mixed feelings about using meals that were already made versus doing it myself, I thought I should give Diet-to-Go a try," Cindy says.

    "The more I thought about it, the more attractive not having to do the shopping and preparing everything myself seemed. Not having to make a long-term commitment also appealed to me immensely."

    Cindy says her favorite pieces of the Diet-to-Go experience are the excellent customer service, convenience, delicious food and plan flexibility.

    She is following the vegetarian low-fat meal plan. Her favorite meals: Moroccan Lentil Salad, Mirkin Burger, Eggplant Parmesan, Chickpea Barbecue, Spinach Quesadilla, French Toast with Mango Cranberry Syrup, Eggs Florentine, Egg Quesadilla, Black Bean and Feta Wrap, and Egg and Broccoli Pie.

    While she enjoys the food and the convenience of having a "personal chef," Cindy knows the bottom line is all about the benefits of weight loss.

    "My clothes fit better!" she says. "Also, I have to climb many stairs to get into my apartment and I can now almost do it without getting out of breath. I also look forward to climbing stairs now rather than dreading them.

    "I can also more easily fit in chairs with arms... and restaurant booths."

    Cindy knows a healthy weight loss regimen involves increased activity. So she started swimming and walking early on.

    "After losing my first 30 pounds, I started working with a personal trainer twice per week," she notes. "My progress has been amazing.  I can now do step aerobics which I would have never attempted in the past.

    "I also jog a little on a treadmill at the rec center where I swim or on the track in the park where I walk. I am up to half a lap on the track and my goal is to jog all the way around.  I go to Zumba once a week at the gym where I pick up my food, and I am ready to take on tennis as well."

    Cindy got serious

    It was a loss of mobility that prompted Cindy to get serious about slimming. Things got so bad she even considered abandoning her beloved apartment because it was on the fourth floor.

    "It became increasingly difficult to climb the stairs," she says. "I saw others using canes and motorized scooters and did not want to need to use those things."

    But home is where the heart is... and that heart is beating more easily now that Cindy has dropped 67 pounds thus far. Cindy acknowledges that weight loss is a measure of success, but she stresses it is not her focus.

    Her focus is on being more mobile and enjoying life to its fullest. And Diet-to-Go wishes Cindy continued success in reaching her weight loss goal, and a longer, healthier and happier life!


    John McGran has been a writer/editor for about as long as he's been battling his weight. During his 25-year career, John has written for several newspapers, tabloids and Web sites. You may recognize his name and style from the seven years he spent writing a Worst of the Worst Foods column as Mr. Bad Food. If you have any topics you'd like John to tackle, feel free to write him at  

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