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  1. See How Jennifer Lost 43 lbs, Ran a 10-Mile Race!

    Last October, Jennifer took her first step towards a healthier life by linking up with Diet-to-Go. A few short months ago, Jennifer celebrated her sensational 43-pound weight loss by completing a 10-mile road race in just 90 minutes!

    "The race went much better than expected! My official time was 1:30:34... that's an average of nine minutes per mile! I'm really sore, but it was worth it!" Jennifer raves.

    "For the first time in my life, I don't want or need to lose any more weight! I've gone from a size 14 pushing 16 to a comfortable size 4 - and I am fitting into my first size 2 pair of jeans!"

    All we can say is... WOW! It's one thing to lose a few pounds, but it's quite an achievement to also shape up enough to enter and complete 5-kilometer and 10-mile running events.

    Jennifer admits to having always been athletic and competitive, but late last year she hung up her biking shoes after tiring of being left in the dust by her cycling buddies.

    Jennifer, who weighed 170 pounds when she turned to Diet-to-Go, for help, has a new goal - to get back on her bike and leave her pedalin' pals struggling to keep up.

    "I could not be happier," Jennifer says. "When I started Diet-to-Go I joined a gym and got a trainer. Diet-to-Go was an integral part of my weight loss and learning to eat right.

    "This is my busy season at work and Diet-to-Go frees up time I don't have for shopping and cooking. It also saved me from many unhealthy meals provided at the office."

    Jennifer blames a stressful job change for the extra pounds she added to her petite 5-foot-2 frame. She's so proud of her new body, she had her belly button pierced and even picked out a new bikini for a Florida trip.

    "I did Diet-to-Go in the past so I knew it worked for me," Jennifer says. "With Diet-to-Go I don't have to spend time learning to eat right.

    "This meal plan allows me to lose weight without having to think about it."

    Jennifer started with the Diet-to-Go Carb30 meal plan but has since switched to the 1,200-calorie low-fat meal plan. Her favorite meals are the Philly Chicken Cheesesteak, Italian Meatball or Fettuccine, Chicken Pesto Sandwich and the Breakfast Pizza.

    Jennifer uses Diet-to-Go's local pick-up option and gets her fresh meals twice weekly at the Sport&Health Club in Bethesda, Maryland. She wasn't a gym member when she started picking up her food, but she is now.

    "For me it's always been a combination of diet and fitness that leads to weight loss," Jennifer says. "I'm glad I joined Sport&Health because that's where I met trainer Julie Degrafft, who's since become my friend and motivator!"

    Jennifer says she now works out six days a week - three days of cardio and three days of weights.

    Her advice for the overweight and out-of-shape people mulling over starting a diet: "Your motivation has got to come from within. And you need to stick with it. There's no easy way to drop weight - you've got to eat right and exercise.

    "And you need to find a plan that works on you. Diet-to-Go is my plan!"

    Author: John McGran

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