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  1. Snack Happy: 7 Tasty Treats Under 50 Calories

    Good news: My fresh cooler of Diet-to-Go food -- all the breakfasts, lunches and dinners I will need for the next seven days -- has just been delivered by Fed Ex.

    The bad news: My fat-addled brain is already spinning at the thought of cutting out the junk that has plumped me up and put me in need of a weight loss plan!

    Luckily, the food that I will start eating tomorrow is not only delicious but also extremely filling. And included in the package are apples, oranges, string cheese, yogurt drinks and other little extras that can easily be removed from their respective meals and treated as between-meal snacks!

    Yes, Mr. Bad Food is a snackaholic. I confess that I just nibbled two Andes creme de menthe candies while writing this lead-in to today's blog!

    Hey, they were a stocking stuffer for my wife but all's fair in love and war, right? I believe eating those mints was like jumping on a grenade for Barbara. Basically I took the caloric blow to save her the pain! :o)

    More good news

    Since my Diet-to-Go Balance meal plan gives me 1,600 calories, I will have the freedom (at least in my early weeks of dieting) to add in a few healthy treats and pad out my daily caloric intake rather than my waistline!

    There are lots of "diet" candies and treats out there, but when it comes to eating healthy you should stick to real food. So Mr. Bad Food has compiled a list of great-tasting treats that won't dent your diet, but will satisfy your cravings.

    Worried about snacking while dieting? Don't be. Many weight loss experts will tell you healthy snacking is a perfectably acceptable way to keep you from overeating at mealtime.

    Check out this eHow article to see why snacking won't wreck your diet.

    Okay so now that we've established that just because you are watching your weight doesn't mean you have to say farewell to the occasional sweet indulgence, sink your teeth into these treats that each weigh in at 50 calorie or less!

    1. Fruit Bars

    They're a yummy and healthy alternative to the sugar-infused Popsicle or Freeze Pop. You'll find several varieties chilling out in your grocer's freezer.

    2. Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn

    You already know that popcorn is a great fiberful filler. Now let's kick it up a notch by putting four cups of popcorn into a bowl and adding in three packets of Splenda or Equal, one teaspoon of cinnamon, one tablespoon of light brown sugar, and one melted tablespoon of a zero-calorie butter substitute. NOTE: A serving is just ONE CUP so be sure to share with your friends.

    3. Root Beer Float

    Fill a tumbler three-quarters with your favorite diet root beer and add a quarter-cup scoop of light vanilla ice cream. Mr. Bad Food thinks it tastes just as good as the "real thing!"

    4. Eight Large Strawberries

    I love strawberries! But if the raw berry isn't sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, then grab five strawberries and sprinkle them with two teaspoons of confectioner's sugar.

    5. Jelly Toast

    Who says toast has to be eaten at breakfast? Not Mr. Bad Food! I like to toast a slice of whole-grain bread, spray or sprinkle it with zero-calorie butter substitute, and slather it with a teaspoon of grape or strawberry jam or jelly.

    6. Gelatin

    For the dieter, there's always room for JELL-O... or any other brand of jiggly gelatin! Stock up your favorite flavors knowing they range from 10 to 40 calories per colorful cup!

    7. Pudding

    Mr. Bad Food likes to take a sugar-free, fat-free pudding mix and make it with skim milk. Feel free to spinkle in a little Splenda for that extra sugar pop!

    If you need any other good snack ideas, check out the great mail-order snacks at

    Mr. Bad Food thinks the Chocolate Walnut Nut Butter Balls are to diet for!

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2010
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