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  1. Snack Smarter

    An ideal snack gives you protein or fiber -- or both -- to help you feel full. It should give you plenty of energy without too many calories. Avoid snack foods that are high in added sugar and refined carbohydrates, because they can boost blood sugar too much.

    Start with these Balanced Snack Combos:
    • 15 grapes and 1 Cheddar mini Babybel Cheese Wedge - 120 calories
    • ½ apple with 1 tbsp of natural peanut butter - 120 calories
    • ½ cup blanched sugar snap peas with 1 tbsp parmesan cheese - 50 calories
    • 3 tbsp hummus with 15 cucumber slices - 90 calories
    • Turkey Rollups: 2 slices turkey rolled in lettuce leaves - 45 calories
    • 1 large boiled egg and a pickle spear - 85 calories
    • 2 small celery spears smeared with 1 tbsp natural peanut butter with 12 raisins - 100 calories
    • 1 non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt with 3 sliced strawberries - 140 calories

    No time to prepare and package your own smart snacks? No worries, your favorite snack manufacturers have made healthful nibbling easier than ever by introducing a variety of new diet-friendly products to the market.

    Read labels to make sure prepackaged snacks follow these simple guidelines:

    • Between 50 and 200 calories (based on your calorie budget)
    • 2-3 grams of fiber
    • 5 or more grams of protein
    • No more than 12 grams of fat
    • No more than 5-10 grams added sugar

    Hitting all these markers with every snack is nearly impossible, so aim for overall balance. If one snack is short on protein, for instance, make sure your next one has a little extra protein. 


    Author: Kristen Ciuba
    Kristen is a Nutritionist at Diet-to-Go, based in Lorton, VA. She tries to “practice what she preaches” by fitting in healthy foods and cooking, challenging exercise, and quality time with family and friends every day!  


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