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  1. Still Losing: I've Lost 30.4 lbs in 8 Weeks!

    Four tenths of a pound may not sound like much, but when you drop 0.4 pounds after you've already slimmed 30 pounds, it keeps you smiling and determined to stay the course!

    The actual scale number this morning was 226.0. After 8 weeks I am down a total of 30.4 pounds. What this small weekly loss tells me is that I need to finally start a little aerobic exercise.

    No, Mr. Bad Food isn't about to slip into brightly colored tights and start jumping around with Jane Fonda or whoever is the reigning queen of aerobics. Shorts and a tattered t-shirt and a treadmill will do just fine.

    The truth is healthy weight loss equals 1-2 pounds a week. My body is heading in the right direction... which is the light direction.

    I must admit I was slightly disappointed to see my morning weight. I feel great and truly believed I had dropped another 2-3 pounds. But then reality set in and I looked back over this two-month journey that helped me get out of size 42 jeans and into 38s! Having clothes that fit comfortably and being able to run with the kids without gasping for air... well those are priceless gifts in my mind.

    During previous diets, I would get to this point of feeling better about myself and I would slide. Before I knew it, I was back to my starting point... or worse. Not gonna happen this time.

    I am sticking with my delicious low-carb meals from Diet-to-Go and I WILL get back to 200 or better before I attempt maintenance. Check back next week to see if I kick-started my stalled weight loss.

    And, meanwhile, chew on this -- a sample day of my new week of Diet-to-Go foods.

    BREAKFAST: Scrambled Eggs Benedict, Roasted Red Pepper Sauce and French Cut Green Beans

    LUNCH: Chimichura Salmon and Marinated Asparagus

    DINNER: Beef Short Rib w/ Bordelaise Sauce, Celery Puree and Green Bean Blend

    Simple. Delicious. Weight loss. You just can't beat Diet-to-Go!

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2009
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