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  1. Supplementing Your Knowledge about Weight-Loss Products

    Odds are you've purchased at least one weight loss pill or potion in your dieting lifetime. We spend billions on products we hope will prove to be the magic bullet for losing weight.

    But do we ever stop to research what we're putting into our body? Probably not.

    According to a Stamford News feature, the makers of natural weight-loss products use a range of plant and animal extracts, vitamins and minerals that they promise will speed metabolism, suppress appetite, make you feel full and convert fat into muscle.

    The following are among those ingredients most frequently used in these formulas, along with what's known about their possible effects.


    --Bitter orange

    --Hydroxycitric acid

    --Conjugated linoleic acid

    --Cortisol blockers




    --Aristolochic acid

    For details on these ingredients, go to

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2009
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