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  1. Turn Off Your Body's Fat-Making Machine

    Does it seem like you've been dieting your entire life yet never enjoying the weight loss you crave?

    If you're tired of starving yourself, giving up all of your favorite foods, feeling deprived, and exhausting yourself with exercise and still not finding the answer to permanent weight loss, then it's time you checked out The Insulin Resistance Diet (McGraw-Hill).

    Your weight issue probably more to do with body chemistry than it has to do with your willpower and late-night snacking. Get your body's ability to handle insulin under control and you will, in effect, be switching off your fat-making machine!

    "If you carry extra fat around your middle, have had high cholesterol or borderline or high blood pressure or even slightly elevated blood sugar, then you could be one of the millions of Americans with Insulin Resistance -- a health condition that causes fat gain and obesity, heart disease, strokes, diabetes and fertility problems," says Mary Kay Grossman, who co-authored The Insulin Resistance Diet with Dr. Cheryle Hart.

    "Seventy-five percent of us may have it, yet most don't even know it! Insulin Resistance has been medically proven to be at the root cause of our obesity epidemic, which continues to grow worse every year"

    Written by a Board Certified Bariatric (Weight Control) Physician and a Registered Dietitian each with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of medicine and nutrition, The Insulin Resistance Diet offers a step-by-step plan for weight loss and health improvement. The plan has been proven by the success of thousands of clients at the Wellness Workshop run by Hart and Grossman.

    The Insulin Resistance Diet has already sold over 150,000 copies and is recommended by thousands of physicians, pharmacists, and nutrition professionals. Now completely updated, the 2nd Edition includes the latest research on insulin resistance as well as updated fast food and convenience food lists.

    Find the answers that you've been searching for:

    --Discover if insulin resistance is the cause of your weight problems and other health concerns.

    --Learn the easy Link and Balance Eating Method for losing weight permanently.

    --Shed unwanted fat without giving up carbs or fat, depriving yourself of the foods you love, or constantly fighting hunger and cravings!

    --Use the livable meal plans, fast food lists, shopping ideas and delicious recipes to lose your belly fat, decrease your cholesterol, reduce your blood pressure, avoid diabetes and feel better than you have felt in years!

    --Learn how to stay fit and healthy without hours of strenuous exercise each day!

    --Find a solution for health problems associated with insulin resistance including: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), gout, and chronic fatigue.

    You don't have to jump blindly into this exciting eating plan. The authors have created the "Insulin Resistance Self Test" to help you determine if The Insulin Resistance Diet is the answer to your weight and health issues!

    "Until recently the medical community had not been able to measure how many people suffer insulin resistance -- there was simply no good test," Grossman says.

    "However recent research studies show that over a period of eight years, 80 percent of the test population developed insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

    "The number is way more than we ever imagined. We used to guesstimate insulin resistance affected 30 percent of the population."

    When your body is operating at peak capability you clear carbs from your system within 2-3 hours of eating. The carbs are either used as energy or stored as fat.

    Grossman says Type 2 diabetes sufferers can often find relief with her insulin resistance diet. But if you're taking insulin to control your diabetes, then you are advised to steer clear.

    How do you know if you may suffer insulin resistance?

    The primary warning signs:

    1. Overweight with an apple-shaped body.

    2. You're tired in afternoon and NEED to take a nap.

    3. You see a lot of skin tags.

    4. High blood pressure and an off-kilter cholesterol ratio of HDL and LDL levels. You may also have high triglycerides.

    5. Your blood sugar number is creeping up.

    6. You gave birth to a large baby or suffered gestational diabetes while pregnant.

    7. You have PCOS, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

    8. You suffer hypoglycemia and find yourself shaky from low blood sugar.

    9. You have a craving for carbs.

    "Start our insulin resistance diet and you'll almost immediately notice benefits," Grossman says.

    "You'll see weight loss fairly quickly and you'll stop feeling so rundown in the afternoon. Your energy level will level off."

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