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  1. Weathering a Computer Virus, Frigid Cold & Day One of a Diet!

    I'm using my laptop to post today's blog because some jerk decided it was fun and/or profitable to slip a virus into a file or page I recently opened on my office PC. Whatever is running rampant throughout my PC has slowed it to a crawl, causing it to freeze up every so often.

    Worse than that... when I tried to log-in to AOL I got this stupid message that said I needed to input my credit card info (including the CV number and ATM pin #) to update my account and access my email.

    When I tried to contact AOL to report the scam, I was sent on a 10-minute automated goose chase before the male voice told me that because I have a free email account I do not have the right to speak to a living person.

    Sigh... it's been a bad day -- and it's not even lunchtime yet!

    Things are about to get worse. I have a teeth cleaning in an hour and it's been at least two years since I've been to my dentist. You just know he is going to find a year's worth of major projects that will "fix" my teeth while taking a giant bite out of my bank account!

    Baby, it's c-c-cold outside

    Oh, and to get to the dentist office and then the mall (where my computer guy awaits) I need to venture out in snowy, 20-degree weather. The best part: I first have to pump gas because I stupidly let my tank run almost empty. That ought to take 10 bone-numbing minutes and cost me $25 and a few fingers to frostbite.

    Mr. Bad Food might be in a better mood if he hadn't spent his last pre-diet night washing down his huge steak and cheese sandwich with a six-pack of Coor's Light. The computer virus, frigid cold and teeth cleaning are just icing on the cake for my fuzzy head.

    I know what you're thinking: For a guy who works for a diet company I sure do eat terribly. Ahem... did you notice I call myself Mr. Bad Food?

    I am not telling anyone to follow my lead when it comes to cheesesteaks and beer. I want you to know you're not alone when you pull a stunt like that the night before you start a diet.

    Happy days are here again?

    Which brings me to this -- it's Day One of my new diet! And you know what's funny, I just ate my breakfast and discovered this diet is the high point of my day!

    I'll go more in-depth about the great food I get delivered from Diet-to-Go in future blogs, but for now I want you to know that my cheesy Omelet Pomodoro with a savory side of seasoned asparagus chunks was simply awesome!

    Not only did it taste delicious, but it also filled me up! For the record, I am following the 1,600-calories-a-day Traditional Low-Fat plan.

    Okay it's time to unhitch my office PC, bundle up for the gas/dentist/computer store run and find time to buy a new scale. Tomorrow I will reveal the results of my first day weigh-in.

    I know it's gonna be a bad number for a guy who stands just 5-foot-7, but I also know that in a few months I will be feeling pretty good about myself and my health.

    Meanwhile, do you think we can start a petition to have computer viruses considered capital crimes? I think the punishment for anyone caught causing such pain should be a public flogging with my computer mouse.

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2010
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