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  1. Weekly Round-Up - Week Ending in 2/15/2013

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    “Singer Adele shows off her dramatic post-pregnancy weight loss”

    Adele has long been known for her unique voice and songs of romantic sorrow. She also is a self-proclaimed “full-figured” woman, but after giving birth to her son in October 2012, she has lost a lot of weight - which she proudly showed off at the 2013 Grammy’s. Adele said she has no goal to become a “Skinny-minnie,” but rather was okay with maintaining herself as a size 14.

    “Nutrition group petitions for federal regulation of sugary drinks”

    It’s not just a group of nutrition advocasts looking to regulate the sale of sugary drinks, but scientists and health agencies as well. With the growing number of studies linking consumption of sugary soft drinks, juice and teas to cardiovascular disease and Type II Diabetes (health factors that cost the U.S. public almost $200 billion annually), more and more health advocates are demanding that the government pay attention. The group is asking the government to define how much sugar is “too much” for drink manufacturers to put into sodas and juices.,0,71122.story

    “Hilary Duff Weight Loss: Singer Lost 30 Pounds Since Giving Birth”

    The singer/actress has used a combination of tactics - including cardio (running), kickboxing and circuit training - as well as proper diet to get back into shape after giving birth to her first child, Luca, last March.


    “Adolf Hitler Had an Excellent Diet”

    Turns out the military leader was a dedicated vegetarian, who only ate fresh fruits and vegetables. The information comes from one of Hitler’s poison-tasters, a woman who was forced to taste all his food to ensure that it was safe to eat.

    “Why Four Workouts a Week May Be Better Than Six”
    The New York Times
    By: Gretchen Reynolds

    Summing up what has been a question among weight loss enthusiasts for quite some time, this article discusses a new study that showed that people (especially women) who worked out four times a week had the exact same health benefits (or more, in some cases) as women who worked out six times a week. Encouraging news for people who may find it tough to schedule in six workouts a week!

    Blog Posts

    “Valentine’s Day in a Different Way”
    Beth’s Journey: A Foodie’s Quest to Get Fit the Healthy Way

    Zoning in on the notion of getting gifts from your partner - chocolates, flowers, diamonds, etc. - is not nearly as authentic as taking a different approach to the way you celebrate Valentine’s Day. Beth’s blog encourages readers to stop focusing on the way they look by asking them to identify one (or more) things they love about themselves. That’s what the holiday should really be about.

    “3 Food Categories You Should Completely Eliminate From Your Diet”
    By Nadia Petrova

    Nadia’s blog on discusses the three major food “groups” you should eliminate from your diet to move towards a healthier lifestyle. Food categories include chemicals in foods (i.e. food dyes), trans fats (vegetable oils) and white sugar or flour. All three contain empty calories and have no nutritional value for the body whatsoever.

    “Let Go of the Security Blanket”
    Coffee Cake and Cardio

    Ashley’s vlog posting discusses some tough issues that overweight and obese people often face: the fact that weight can be a security blanket for them. The question is why? Ashley uses her own experience struggling with weight to address her own why’s. Check this out - it’s a great way to relate on an intimate level about weight loss struggles.

    “Thursday Treaures”
    Wicked Healthy Washingtonian

    We really love Allison’s V-Day blog posting - why? - it’s authentic. Her writing talks to you like you’re a real person just sitting down for a conversation. And the fact that she takes the time to acknowledge things she loves sets a great example for her readers. Rather than focusing on candy, flowers and other superficial things on holidays - focus on the people and events in your life that matter.


    “Southern ‘diet’ may raise stroke risk”

    According to a new study performed at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, eating a “Southern” diet, high in fried foods, ham, bacon sweet tea and other sugary drinks, will increase the risk of having a stroke by up to 41 percent. Although this one seems like common sense, the idea was put to the test, and ultimately researchers concluded that a Southern diet can lead to certain death. Interestingly enough, researchers also found that African Americans were more likely than Caucasians to suffer a stroke, which they say can be attributed to the idea the African Americans eat more “Southern” food than Caucasians do.

    “Poor diet on native [Canadians] reserves blame for higher rate of severely overweight babies”

    Women who are Canadian natives may have a higher risk of giving birth to overweight babies than non-Canadian natives due to rapid movement towards a sedentary lifestyle and high-carbohydrate diet, a new study says. After 1 in 75 women have been giving birth to infants weighing more than 11 pounds, this study sheds some much-needed light on an area of major concern.

    “Canker sore drug may be effective weight loss solution”

    Researchers at the University of Michigan got quite a surprise while testing an off-patent drug meant to treat canker sores. Turns out, the drug was just as effective (if not more so) in reducing obesity. Overweight mice that were injected with the drug lost significant weight over the test period. The researchers plan on testing the drug on humans soon.

    “Diet Soda associated with increased risk of developing Type II Diabetes”

    Researchers from France’s Inserm have revealed that women who consume diet soda (as well as sugary soda) have an increased risk to develop Type II Diabetes. However, the study is not 100 percent conclusive, as the same women who reported drinking diet soda also had increased sugar cravings. Sugar intake has long been associated with a higher risk to develop Type II diabetes.

    “Healthy Diet Not Necessarily Environmentally Friendly”

    A groundbreaking study out of France asked the question if eating healthier food was better or worse for the planet. The study revealed that the healthiest diets produced more greenhouse gas emissions than less healthy diets (high in sugar and sodium). How is this possible? AMong other reasons, the healthy diets are more difficult to store and transport than processed foods.

    “Eating unhealthy diet can reduce hours of sleep and ability to fall asleep”

    A study released by the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine indicates that people who ate more processed foods and consumed the most calories were likely to sleep less (5-6 hours a night) than those who consumed a healthier, lower-calorie diet. The research also revealed that balanced diets led to an easier ability to fall asleep and stay in dreamland.


    Author: Caitlin H
    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is a journalist by trade and an avid runner. She is passionate about maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and encouraging people to engage in common-sense eating. Caitlin believes a well-rounded life is all about balancing fitness with nutrition that incorporates all aspects of food and proper portion-sizes.

    Follow Caitlin on Twitter @CaitlinHendee

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