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  1. Weekly Round-Up - Week Ending on 4/26/2013

    Every week, we're bringing you the best - the most interesting, exciting and informative news, articles, studies and blog postings from the week before. Whether you would rather listen to all the general information about happenings around the country, partake in some celebrity gossip, expand you knowledge about scientific research in health and fitness, or connect with another person on a similar journey towards leading a wholesome life, we've got you covered.

    We scour the web for the choicest material and consolidate it all in one place so you don't have to. Enjoy!

    Top News

    “Double-up: Diet, exercise together are key to success”
    via: USA Today
    By: Nanci Hellmich

    Many health experts suggest that you tackle diet and exercise separately, or in intervals, to overcome a lifetime of bad eating habits and a sedentary routine. But a new study suggests that is definitely not the way to go. Rather, for the best results, you should make an overhaul on both your diet choices AND your fitness habits simultaneously. Check out the full story.

    “Family of medical student Sarah Houston call for Government to make drug usd for weight loss illegal”
    via: Telegraph UK
    By: Claire Carter

    A beautiful young 23-year-old co-ed had the world in her hands. She was just about to graduate from Leeds University to become a fifth-generation doctor. The only problem? She struggled with an eating disorder that left her dead. Sarah Houston ingested a dangerous weight loss pill that had been banned from shelves, but available for online purchase. Now, her family is calling for government to stop online sales as well.

    “Weight Management Trends in the U.S., 2nd Edition”
    via: The Wall Street Journal

    As the obesity crisis rises (indeed, the prevalence of obesity has risen 48% since 1988), people claim they are watching their diets more closely. But why? What are some of the underlying issues causing such a dilemma in our society? This article outlines some detailed analyses of the crisis and what has brought it on.


    “Actress Jordin Sparks shares 50-lb weight loss tips, from running to Zumba”
    via: The Examiner

    The 23-year-old star of “Sparkle” and American Idol winner lost over 50 pounds and is gracing the cover of Shape magazine, showing off her beach-ready body. She dishes about all her secrets to weight loss, incorporating a combination of dance moves like Zumba, running and some healthy dieting.

    “White mushrooms may boost weight loss”
    via: Health 24

    Substituting white mushrooms for weight loss may be a useful way to lose weight, according to a clinical trial conducted by researchers at the Weight Management Center at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Seems pretty obvious that substituting calorie-dense meat with a vegetable of any kind would help a person lose weight. And not to mention this study was funded by - you guessed it - the Mushroom Council.

    “It may be hard to swallow, but this woman says she cooks and eats 2,500 calories in her sleep”
    via: Daily Mail UK
    By: James Tozer

    It can be tough enough to maintain healthy eating habits when you’re awake, but can you imagine how impossible it would be if you were doing it while you slept? A 55-year-old woman has been battling that dilemma for years. Lesley Cusack binges on everything from chocolate to fully-cooked meals, even things like Vaseline and cough syrup - all while she’s asleep. Cusack says she never remembers eating any of it. An extremely tough disorder to overcome, that’s for sure. 

    “It’s All About Cheating! Kelly Osbourne Reveals That Her 70 Pound Weight Loss Diet Includes Pizza”
    via: Radar Online

    Kelly Osbourne has lost a whopping 70 pounds since 2009, and she did it by applying some serious common-sense principles into her diet. Rather than deprive herself constantly and become resentful, Kelly chose to take baby steps, eat healthy most of the time, but also allow herself room to indulge in her favorite foods, to include pizza and the occasional French fry. “Everything in moderation,” is a tactic she applies on a daily basis. 

    Blog Posts

    “Hershey’s New Nutrition Offensive”
    via: Fooducate
    By: Hemi Weingarten

    Great blog post about the irony behind Hershey’s (and other candy companies) push to make “nutrition more accessible to consumers.” In an effort to be more forthcoming, Hershey announced that it will now provide basic nutrition information on the front of its labels to assist consumers in understanding what they’re eating better. Unfortunately, it will do little to help the problem. Find out why...

    “Weight loss myths debunked”
    via: Spire Healthcare

    Any blog posting that lists out some common weight loss myths is fine in our book. This one has many you may have heard before, such as that skipping breakfast is actually a good thing, as well as many you may not have heard of, such as really being satisfied when you reach your weight loss goal. Read through the list to make sure you haven’t been duped.

    “How Nutrition Pros Cheat -- And Get Away With It”
    via: Huffington Post
    By: Julie Upton

    Americans seem to be forever dieting, always searching for the newest fad to help them lose weight. But how fair are we really being to ourselves? Should there always be such an all-or-nothing mentality? Julie Upton, R.D., thinks not. Check out her post here on how to apply some common-sense to your dieting strategy to make life (and losing weight) both more attainable and more fun.

    “Pregnancy Update: People are Noticing”
    Life, Fitness, and Me!
    Emily Nickles

    If you’ve ever experienced the joy - and let’s face it, the pain - of pregnancy, then you’ll want to check out this post. Emily divulges her own feelings with finally showing her baby bump, and both the struggles and happiness she’s having about it. A nice, down-to-earth post many of us can relate to!

    “Zagorra Hot Pants Review”
    High Heels and Pink Shoelaces
    Bobbi Jo Farley

    Looking for that perfect pair of workout pants to go with your healthy diet? Then check out Bobbi’s review of Zagorra Hot Pants, which some research shows actually can increase the number of calories you burn. Bobbi’s experience with them was a good one because they were both comfortable and well-suited for exercise. You can read more details, and find out how to purchase your own pair, on her blog.

    “Anyone Want to Sponsor My Racing Habit? I’m Only Half Kidding...”
    From Fat to Fit Chick
    Tanee Janusz

    Ever wondered what’s the big deal about running nowadays? It’s a growing obsession in America, and Tanee explains why she herself loves it. From meeting new people, to supporting worthy causes, to giving her the perfect way to push herself that much harder and more, Tanee’s love for running is one you will likely be able to equate with your own.


    “Mediterranean diet good for older adults: Study”
    Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological and Medical Sciences
    via: The Times of India

    You’ve likely heard by now that a Mediterranean diet is good for your heart health. It’s olive oil, high-nut (equating lean protein), healthy-fat guidelines provide your cardiovascular system with the nutrition it needs to operate properly. But a new study suggests that it also is associated with a lower risk of hyperuricemia, which can lead to a whole host of other issues like Type II diabetes chronic kidney disease and more.

    “A Low-Carb Diet Improves Type 2 Diabetes”
    Nutrition & Metabolism
    via: NewsFix

    Low-carb diets can be a great way to lose a lot of weight quickly. Now, a study out of Sweden suggests that staying loyal to it might also help improve type 2 diabetes for up to 2 years by effectively reducing weight and maintaining glucose levels.

    “The Correct Diet Can Help Avoid Kidney Disease”
    American Journal of Kidney Disease
    via: Medical News Today

    Even if your kidneys have never given you a problem, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be paying attention. A new study suggests that people who eat a diet high in processed foods, sugar and red meats are more likely to develop chronic kidney problems. Other factors also increase the risk, including obesity and smoking. To prevent the problem, researchers suggest eating more whole grains, dairy, nuts and fruit.

    “Good diet, exercise may help stave off dementia”
    Journal Neurology
    via: Zee News

    New research suggests that not only can diet and exercise prolong your life, but it also can help stave off dementia. Why? A balanced diet equates with lower BMI’s and fat, which means that people are being more fit and keeping all body organ - including the brain - healthier.

    “Tackling Diet, Exercise Together For the Best Results”
    Annals of Behavioral Medicine
    via: HealthDay News

    Researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine determined that people looking to lose weight and get fit should tackle diet and exercise simultaneously, rather than starting with one or the other. Researchers also added that if you absolutely must start with one or the other, its better to establish a regular fitness schedule and then tackle diet.

    “Fruit, Mediterranean diet tied to fewer hot flashes”
    American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
    via: Fox News

    If you’re in menopause, it’s likely you’ve had the occasional hot-flash or two. Well, a new study out of Australia suggests that women who dine on vegetables, pasta and red wine are less likely to suffer from hot flashes. In other words, eating foods from the Mediterranean diet will decrease the frequency of hot flashes and night sweats by up to 20 percent. Not bad.


    Author: Caitlin H
    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is a journalist by trade and an avid runner. She is passionate about maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and encouraging people to engage in common-sense eating. Caitlin believes in living a well-rounded life, to include balancing time with family, friends, fitness and food.

    Follow Caitlin on Twitter @CaitlinHendee

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