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  1. Weekly Round-Up - Week Ending on 5/3/2013

    Why business women would choose weight loss over lining their pocketbook ... and other top stories. Plus, celebrity weight loss interviews, great blogs from around the web and the most fascinating diet and health-related studies - all in one convenient place.

    Featured Story

    Business women choose weight loss over pay rise
    Fresh Business Thinking
    By: Daniel Hunter

    More than 1/3 of British women would rather shed the pounds than line their pocketbooks, according to a survey. Despite growing oil prices and the still-healing recession, more women put greater emphasis onto their health and bodies. Fascinating. Read more → 

    News & Articles

    Caveman Diet Shouldn’t Be On Today’s Menu
    New Jersey Newsroom
    By: Nicole Karas

    It’s all the rage nowadays - the Paleo diet - a diet that involves eating things like the cavemen used to - meats, nuts, fruit - no grain or dairy - that kind of thing. But why? Are there really any true benefits to eating like that? Evolutionary biologist Marlene Zuk thinks not. She says our bodies have been evolving to match the changes in our diet - and that food people think is “paleo” drastically differs from what the cavemen really used to eat. Read more → 

    Mexico obesity bulges on diet concerns
    Al Jazeera
    By: Nina Lakhani

    Just as childhood obesity has become a massive concern among Americans, so has it in other cultures. One in three Mexican schoolchildren are classified as overweight or obese - the most disturbing stats of any other nation. In fact, more Mexicans are in danger of dying from obesity than even malnutrition - indicating quite a different sort of trend (and concern) than in the past. Why? Mexico is a third world country. With many people live in poverty, processed food is cheap and people are gaining weight. Very troubling, especially since the same trend can be seen in lower-class neighborhoods in the U.S. as well. Read more → 

    Weight loss helps mom battle cancer
    CNN Health
    By: Jacque Wilson

    Melissa Schaaf, diagnosed with a rare cancer called leiomyosarcoma, found that hitting the gym and making healthier food choices not only allowed her to feel better about herself, but also helped combat her cancer - a touching human interest piece. Read more → 

    Fasting diet dismissed as a fad by nutrition experts who warn of the dangers of starving the body of vital nutrients
    Daily Mail UK
    By: Lucy Waterlow

    The 5:2 diet claims that you can fast for 2 days and eat pretty much whatever you want on the other 5 days, and still lose weight. But a closer look may tell a different story. Not only may it be difficult to follow long-term, it can be dangerous to starve your body of vital nutrients even 2 days a week. Read more → 

    Addicted to added sugar? It’s 13% of calories consumed by Americans
    LA Times
    By: Karen Kaplan

    Americans love their sweets. Way too much. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report that Americans get a combined total of 13% of their daily calories from added sugar - and most eat more than that. The recommendation is between 5-15% max per day. Read more → 

    Is processed food a Pandora’s box for the Americans diet?
    By: Hari Sreenivasan

    Check out this fascinating video interview with Melanie Warner about her book Pandora’s Lunchbox, which provides insight into the movement towards processed foods as American culture has been shaped over the years. Read more → 

    Celebrity Weight Loss

    Fantasia Reveals Secrets to Her 50-Pound Weight Loss
    Hello Beautiful
    By: Myeisha Essex

    The American Idol winner is really looking fabulous nowadays - 50 pounds lighter and showing off a much healthier body. She says she made major lifestyle changes, like working out and trying to set an example for family members, to get there. Check out more about her weight loss secrets here. Read more → 

    Jessica Alba Share Extreme Post-Baby Weight Loss Tactics
    The Examiner

    If you’re a fan of celebs who are honest (and really, are any of them?), then Jessica Alba is the girl for you. When asked how Jessica was able to get back to her red-carpet-ready bod within just a few months after giving birth, she admitted that - combined with diet and exercise - she wore a double corset day and night for 3 months. Yikes. Read more → 


    7 Stages to Permanent Weight Loss
    The Huffington Post
    By: Irene Rubaum-Keller

    Ever heard of the 4 stages of the grieving process? Turns out a similar notion can be applied to weight loss. When you struggle with weight, you go through 7 stages to get to a point where you lose - and maintain - a healthier body: Denial; The Decision; Action; Getting to Goal; Learning to Stay There; and Accepting That This is a Lifelong Journey. Check out this blog post to get more details. Read more → 

    The 25 Best Diet Tricks of All Time
    The Huffington Post

    If you’re looking for some great tips to not only trick your brain into thinking you’re full, but also ensure that you lose weight quickly and stay on-track, then this list is for you. From the simple things we all know like not skipping breakfast, to some other less obvious tips, like only taking 3 bites of dessert, doing just 5 of these tricks daily will truly help the pounds melt off. Read more → 

    It’s been an entire week!
    Mom Running on Empty 
    By: Sarah Griffith Biggs

    Blogger Sarah shares her unique experience running a half-marathon after the tragic events at Boston. The runners all shared a moment of silence in honor of those killed on that fateful day. Her blog also includes a very doable workout routine, as well as personal happenings in her daily life. Read more

    Working Out With a Baby and Probar Giveaway
    Nelly Dunlevy

    Ever tried working out at home? Yes? Did you find it difficult to do so with all the distractions? Now imagine (or perhaps you’ve experienced) doing it with a curious baby nearby. Nelly knows all about how tough that can make exercising at home, and she shares it in her blog post. Fun to read, and she’s also giving away a box of the new CORE ProBars. Read more → 

    Lying to the State of Ohio
    There Are Two Sides
    Amanda Kessler

    Fun post on the biggest thing people lie to their government about - their weight. Is it bad? Maybe. But we all do it. Amanda breaks it down - she said she was 13 pounds lighter than she really was because that was the weight she wanted to be, as many people do. But it turned into something great for her. Amanda used that as motivation to lose weight and, 6 months later, was down more than 23 pounds. Read more → 


    Modern diet is rotting our teeth
    Nature Genetics
    via: Pakistan Observer

    Scientists who looked at the evolution of humans’ teeth over the past 7,500 years found a troubling trend - as food has become more and more processed, packed with sodium and refined sugars - oral health has decreased. In fact, people nowadays have less healthy bacteria in their mouths, which is contributing to a whole host of issues like gingivitis, tooth decay and even oral cancer. Yet another reason why eating healthier should be on the top of your priority list. Read more → 

    Higher Protein Diets Help Weight Loss, Women Find
    Journal of Nutrition Education & Behavior
    via: Medical News Today

    Over 37 percent of women believe that eating a high-protein diet will lead to greater weight loss. A study of approximately 1,800 women aged 40-60 found that 43 percent of women overall eat protein to combat weight gain. Interestingly, the amount of protein they reported eating - which they believe is more - actually is pretty close to what the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee recommends as part of a regular diet. Read more → 

    Mediterranean diet helps memory, thinking, study finds
    via: Mile Oliver &

    Researchers from the University of Alabama looked at the cognitive abilities of over 17,000 people in relation to their diets and found that those who ate diets high in sodium, sugar and processed foods had a 19 percent decrease in cognitive ability. In contrast, those who consumed mostly Mediterranean diet-type foods (high in omega-3 fatty acids) showed improved memory and cognitive skills. So if you’re looking to stand out among your co-workers, it’s another pretty darn good reason to eat more lean protein, olive oil, fruits, veggies and nuts. Read more → 

    Maternal diet sets up junk food addiction in babies
    The FASEB Journal
    via: Science Codex

    Research indicates that women who eat a high fat, high sugar diet while pregnant could be determining whether or not their little ones also become addicted to processed foods. Why? When mama eats bad foods, baby’s taste buds and brain cells are desensitized to the increased enjoyment sugar is meant to provide. So set down the bag of chips and pick up an apple - if not for yourself, for your little one. Read more → 

    Heart-healthy diet cuts bad cholesterol in men
    via: The Times of India

    A new study conducted by researchers at the Laval University in Quebec, Canada has determined that foods linked closely with the Mediterranean diet, or heart-healthy foods, can reduce their cholesterol regardless of whether they lose weight or not. Read more → 


    Author: Caitlin H
    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is a journalist by trade and an avid runner. She is passionate about maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and encouraging people to engage in common-sense eating.

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