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  1. Weekly Round-Up - Week Ending on 5/31/2013

    Why comparing yourself to others can steal the joy out of your life, how we’re engineering the nutrition out of our food and other top health-related news stories, blogs, celebrity weight loss updates and studies from around the web. Only the best. Right to your screen.

    Featured Story

    Comparisons - good or bad...
    Journey to a Healthy Life
    Tami Grandi

    Part of being human is recognizing yourself in relation to others. But when does our constant need to compare cross the threshold from passing thoughts to an unhealthy obsession? Tami’s thoughts on this are extremely touching and fascinating - that when we compare ourselves to others, we steal our own joy. Read more →

    News & Articles

    McDonald’s CEO bawled out by 9-year-old
    USA Today
    By: Bruce Horovitz

    A 9-year-old girl put McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson in the hot-seat last week, calling the company out for unfairly targeting children in advertising and promoting unhealthy eating habits at a shareholder meeting. Among our favorite comments to Thompson: “Don’t you want kids to be healthy?” and, “I don’t think its fair when big companies try to trick kids into eating food.” Read more →

    Food was ‘only relationship that mattered’
    By: Jacque Wilson

    One of the deep issues that many people suffer from is an intimate relationship with food we can’t explain or understand. This touching piece recounts a young woman named Jacki Monaco’s story: a constant battle with food addiction that followed her around for years, and her struggle to overcome it. Read more →

    Breeding the Nutrition Out of Our Food
    New York Times
    By: Jo Robinson

    Experts say that eating more fruits and veggies is the key to living a long, healthy life. And it’s true. Making sure to consume leafy greens and the natural sugars found in fruits - as opposed to processed junk food - is extremely vital to ensuring good health. But here’s the concern - as food crops become more and more genetically engineered, the nutrients in them are slowly but surely disappearing. Check out this fascinating article for the breakdown on how American crops are being bred so often that their nutritional value is slowly dissipating. Read more →

    Calorie posting causing confusion
    Live Well: The Columbian
    By: Sandra Pedicini

    It’s supposed to be federal law - nutritional information included on restaurant menus. Yet to this day, most restaurants have failed to comply. The infrastructure that needs to be put in place to carry out the mandate has yet to be put into place, and there are many grocery chains that are resisting the order due to a potential $1 billion cost. Read more →

    McDonald’s CEO claims he’s lost 20 pounds in a year...
    Mail Online
    By: Helen Pow

    Who here thinks that you can eat McDonald’s every single day and lose weight? Anyone? Seems impossible, right? Apparently not for McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson, who said he’s been eating the food every single day for a year and still managed to lose 20 pounds. Yet sales of their “healthy” salads only make up 2 percent of overall sales, striking a change in marketing tactics. Read more →

    Google brings nutrition information for more than 1,000 food items to search
    By: Donald Melanson

    Google “Apple,” and you’ll see that along with the standard results, you’ll now get nutritional information on your sidebar. The Internet giant is jumping on board the health train, doing their part in trying to promote healthy living. Read more →

    Celebrity Weight Loss

    Rob Kardashian Shows Off Weight Loss in Las Vegas
    People Magazine
    By: Maggie Coughlan

    Working out twice a day, eating right and losing weight - it’s all on the menu for Rob Kardashian, who is still on-track to reach his goal of 200 pounds by July 4. Read more →

    Mariah Carey flaunts curves in video sneak peek: Her weight-loss secrets
    By: Samantha Change

    Sometimes its not just the loss itself - but rather the maintenance too - that is something to be noticed. Singer Mariah Carey has managed to maintain a 70-pound post-baby weight loss for over 2 years now, mainly through a combination of swimming, cardio and weight-training. Read more →


    Simple Tips to Keep in Mind for Healthy Eating
    Huffington Post
    By: Victoria Campa

    With all the health and nutrition advice out there, its easy to forget some basic common-sense principles you can apply daily to make a lifestyle change that will lead to weight loss and wellness. This blog does a great job of reminding you of some real, tangible choices you can make to better your life without depriving yourself day-in and day-out. For example, eat everything, but do so in moderation. Read more →

    ‘The List:’ Expert says secret to weight loss lies in body types

    Struggling to overcome a hump in your weight loss? The key to your success may lie in your body type, according to a new trend. So do you have a pear-shaped body (most of your weight falls below the belly button)? Focus on working out your upper body (triceps, etc.). Or perhaps you have an apple shape (weight goes into your abs)? Crunches are key. Curious which workout is best for your body type? Read more →

    Top 10 Weight Loss Mistakes
    Huffington Post
    By: Benjamin Rubenstein

    If you eat extremely small portions or count calories burned minus calories consumed, you may be making some common weight loss mistakes. Want to know more of the top 10? Read more →

    Picking a Workout Plan
    Living Made Healthy
    By: Erin Alexander

    With all the hundreds of options out there, choosing a fitness regime that’s right for you can be extremely difficult. Check out Erin’s blog, where she breaks down how you can sift through Google results and find the workout routine that works best for you. Read more →

    How to Shred Chicken in Minutes!
    Moms R Bomb
    By: Kristi Corrigan

    If you’re like many people, chicken is a central part of many of your weekly meals. And why not? It’s delicious, cheap and can be prepared and served in more ways than we can count. One such way is to shred it. Curious how to go about doing that? Then check out Kristi’s breakdown. Read more →

    Comparisons - good or bad...
    Journey to a Healthy Life
    Tami Grandi

    Part of being human is recognizing yourself in relation to others. But when does our constant need to compare cross the threshold from passing thoughts to an unhealthy obsession? Tami’s thoughts on this are extremely touching and fascinating - that when we compare ourselves to others, we steal our own joy. Read more →


    Diet drinks ‘as bad as meth addiction’
    General Dentistry

    via: Health 24

    A new study has just come out claiming that not only is drinking diet soda terrible for your teeth and oral health, but it actually is as bad as having a meth or crack addiction as well. Why? Both the dangerous drugs and diet soda are extremely acidic. Check out this article for the complete study breakdown. Read more →

    Vegetable Cost Metrics Show That Potatoes and Beans Provide Most Nutrients Per Penny
    PLOS One
    via: Herald Online

    Like your veggies? Great. Us too. From spinach to carrots to green beans and more, vegetables are delicious, colorful and a great way to fill up and cut calories from your diet without cutting out nutrition. But which vegetables give you the most nutrtional bang for your buck? Although technically a starch (and protein), a new study finds that potatoes and beans give you all sorts of great nutrients, and at a much lower cost than their greener counterparts. Read more →

    Health may not be dependent on wealth in old age
    Public Health Nutrition
    By: Caroline Scott-Thomas

    Researchers from Europe found that people with wealth or “resource availability” aren’t necessarily likely to eat better foods as previously thought. This stands apart from the regular view that low income equates with poor food choices. In addition, the study found that people with education, women and people who don’t live alone are the most likely to eat healthy food and thus live longer. Read more →


    Author: Caitlin H
    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is a journalist by trade and an avid runner. She is passionate about maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and encouraging people to engage in common-sense eating. Caitlin believes in living a well-rounded life, to include balancing time with family, friends, fitness and food.


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