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    Why doctors may soon be able to predict exactly how YOUR body will respond to weight loss techniques and other top news, plus all the best health-related studies, celeb weight loss updates, articles and blogs from around the web. All in one convenient place.

    Featured Story

    Diet and exercise regimen results ‘predictable’
    Times of India

    Ever had the frustration of trying a different diet plan or workout and not getting the results you thought you would? Well, that frustration could soon be a thing of the past because scientists have now identified some keep biogenetic markers that have the potential to predict how your body will respond to a certain weight loss technique. Read more →

    News & Articles

    My Weight Loss Journey: How I Lost 100 Pounds
    Huffington Post
    By: Andy Manko

    If you’ve ever struggled with your weight and decided to make a change, then you may have had a moment similar to Andy’s: one where he tucked his kids into bed and then realized he was afraid to go to sleep for fear he wouldn’t wake up the next morning. After many failed diet and fitness attempts, Andy finally found what worked for him. Read more →

    Runners take precautions by using lights and clothing when out on a run
    The Ledger
    By: Rick Limpert

    Ok, so you want to lose weight and get fit, and find (like many others) that running is a great way to get in shape, burn calories and release a lot of stress. But all too often, runners face many dangers when pounding the pavement. Carmen Savelli faced one of those dangers head-on (literally), when she was struck by a minivan while out for an evening run. Drivers are often notorious for not paying attention, so how can runners protect themselves from the danger of being hit by them? Wear bright clothing, a practice that’s gaining ground in the running community. Read more →

    Who will decide what’s in the 2015 dietary guidelines for Americans?
    Food Navigator-USA
    By: Elaine Watson

    Defining dietary guidelines for the American public is an extremely important task, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has just decided the 15 experts who will take on that responsibility. Every 5 years, guidelines are established based on the most recent research in the industry. Although defining the guidelines is certainly important, perhaps the committee should be just as concerned with figuring out a way to get the public to actually listen. In additon, tasking companies with providing healthier products should also be a top priority. Read more → 

    A year and 165 pounds later, Utah dad cherishes his new life
    The Salt Lake Tribune
    By: Kirsten Stewart

    In a little over a year, a Utah father managed to get rid of 165 pounds. How? Between a combination of weight loss surgery, gym routines, eating right, Darren King found a new lease on life and happiness in his health. A great, inspirational story. Read more → 

    Smoking Alcohol? Doctors warn calorie-conscious trend is extremely dangerous
    Medical Daily
    By: Nadia-Elysse Harris

    Cutting out alcoholic beverages is an extremely important way to lose weight, but some people are really taking it too far: they’re actually smoking alcohol. This extremely dangerous trend involves mixing alcohol with dry ice and inhaling the vapors. It gives the same effect as alcohol, but cuts out calories. Doctors warn that this practice is not only dangerous, it can be downright deadly. Read more →

    ‘Cheese is from plants’ - study reveals child confusion
    By: Judith Burns

    A survey just released in the UK indicates that school children are quite confused when it comes to where there nutrition comes from. Nearly one-third think that cheese is made from plants and almost one-fourth think that fish fingers come from chicken or pigs. Pretty concerning, considering the growing prevalence of childhood obesity. Perhaps educating children more about where the food they love is actually coming from could help make a small dent in the problem. Read more → 

    Tackling nutrition will boost economy - United Nations

    The UN’s food agency has a whole new solution for keeping the momentum going as the economy continues recovering: address obesity and nutrition. According to the UN, if the government invested in food health, it would benefit the world economy by a benefit-to-cost ratio of 13 to 1. Read more →

    Celebrity Weight Loss

    Christina Aguilera weight is ‘sparked by haters’
    Digital Spy
    By: Tom Eames

    After revealing an approximate 20-pound weight loss at the Billboard Music Awards, Christina Aguilera said she decided to go on her fitness and diet regime to combat “haters,” who criticized her weight and caused her to feel depressed. Read more → 

    Matthew McConaughey Lost So Much Weight He Almost Went Blind
    By: Laura Beck

    Take a look at any recent picture of Matthew McConaughey and you will be floored. The star lost nearly 50 pounds to play a dying AIDS patient in his upcoming film Dallas Buyers Club. McConaughey achieved that 50 pound weight loss by starving himself, limiting his daily caloric intake to an egg white, a couple Diet Cokes and some chicken. It also almost cost him something else as well: his vision. Read more → 

    Nutrition labels on booze bottles? U.S. approves packaging, but makes is voluntary
    CTV News via The Associated Press
    By: Mary Clare Jalonick

    Beer, wine and spirits just got the go-ahead: to use nutritional labels that include serving size, servings per container, calories, carbs, protein and fat per serving. The only problem? The move to provide consumers with the information is purely by choice. Do you think alcohol companies will hop on board? Read more →


    Google Nutrition Search: Why?
    By: Marsha Hallet

    Here’s an interesting perspective on Google’s recent move to add nutritional information to their search engine results. As author Marsha Hallet points out, many apps have already been doing this for years, and Google’s move could make it more difficult for them to stay in business. In addition, despite Google’s and other apps’ information, too many people aren’t listening, and obesity is still getting worse. Read more →

    101 Healthy Tips to Get a Good Night’s Sleep
    Exhibit Health
    By: Loretta Lanphier

    Getting a good night’s sleep is imperative to making sure you live a long and healthy life. A good night’s rest means you’ll be more energetic and mindful for the next day’s activities. Check out this list of 101 tips you can apply to get a better night’s sleep. It’s creative, a great resource and very informative. Read more →

    Who’s running today?
    The Purple Giraffe
    By: Janine Ryan

    In light of National Running Day, blogger Janine encourages her readers that run to answer a common question non-runners ask: why do runners run? And you’re sure to connect with her as she talks about her weight loss journey, challenges and triumphs in this fun, engaging post. Read more →

    Fitness: 10 Myths Busted
    Daily Herald
    By: Gabriella Boston

    Balancing eating right with exercising is the key to success in weight loss. But how many of us really know how to sort fact from fiction about what works and what doesn’t? Here, Gabriella breaks down the top 10 myths, such as that lifting weights will make women bulky or that a higher number on the scale means you’re getting fatter. It’s a simple, great reference to use to find out if what you’re doing and seeing will make a difference. Read more →

    My Return to Racing at the Dart Frog Dash 5K
    There are Two Sides
    By: Amanda Kessler

    Simply amazing. Can you imagine picking yourself up after months of not training and running 3.1 miles? Seems pretty tough, right? That didn’t stop Amanda. After 4 months of a running hiatus, she “sucked it up” and joined the rest of the racers at the starting line of the Dart Frog Dash 5K. And you know what? She finished it. Check out her thoughts and experience going from 0 to 100 for some added inspiration this weekend when you feel like you can’t pick yourself up and exercise either. Read more → 

    My Favorite Free! Recipe Apps
    Marcia’s Healthy Slice
    By: Marcia Kadens

    So you like to cook? Try out new recipes a lot? Well, there’s an app for that. And Marcia’s tried it out for you so that you can get the inside scoop on which ones work the best and which ones you can skip. Apps that are chock-full of great recipes you can try out, share and enjoy with family and friends. Read more →


    Strong Bones Start in the Womb
    The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
    via: New York Times

    Pregnant mothers can increase their children’s bone strength by eating a diet rich in vitamins like B12, protein and phosphorus. All the more reason to eat healthy while pregnant and make sure your unborn little one is getting the nutrients s/he needs! Read more →

    Move over, Mediterranean diet: The Nordic diet is also good for your heart
    via: Daily News

    It’s not just olive oil that yo should include in your diet. Turns out, the “Finnish” diet, a diet rich in game meats, berries, root vegetables and legumes can also help reduce cholesterol, lower the risk of heart disease and keep your body strong. Read more → 

    Babies born after moms’ weight loss better off
    Proceedings of the National Academy
    via: Gazette Times

    New research just came out that mothers who have a lower, healthier starting weight prior to getting pregnant are less likely to cause their children to be obese later in life. According to the study, there are many tactics moms can take to get healthy, such as weight loss surgery, eating right, exercising and adapting to a healthier lifestyle overall. The Canadian researchers found that weight influences genes. Read more →

    Vegetarian diet tied to fewer deaths over time
    JAMA Internal Medicine
    via: Reuters Health

    A new study indicates that eating a vegetarian diet may increase your longevity and prevent many chronic diseases. Approximately 5 percent of American currently report themselves as vegetarians, but perhaps those who want to live longer should hop on the bandwagon. Read more →

    Human ancestors’ diet changed 3.5 million years ago
    PNAS Journal
    via: BBC

    Chew on this. An analysis of early human teeth indicates that 3.5 million years ago, a hominids’ diet included grass and animals, much different than the typical forest diet of modern-day gorillas and chimps. Read more → 


    Author: Caitlin H
    Diet-to-Go Community Manager

    Caitlin is a journalist by trade and an avid runner. She is passionate about maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and encouraging people to engage in common-sense eating. Caitlin believes in living a well-rounded life, to include balancing time with family, friends, fitness and food.


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