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  1. Weigh-In Shocker: My Scale Number Refused to Budge!

    I gotta get me a good scale...

    I did my week two weigh-in this morning and was shocked and saddened to see the same number showing as last week... this, despite the fact I stuck to my guns this week and didn't cheat.

    I am officially blaming it on the cheap scale I bought at K-Mart. I guess I was pennies wise and pounds foolish!

    For those just checking in: I am down almost 11 pounds over the past two weeks... well, according to this scale anyway.

    This is why I hate scales. I awoke this morning feeling great... so slimmed down and so alive. Then I stepped on this cold mechanical contraption and felt my life energy quickly drain.

    But you know what? We should never be slave to a scale anyway. It's more about how we look in the mirror, how our clothes fit us, and how much we lower our blood pressure and our risk of heart issues and diabetes.

    Gettin' better all the time...

    I am feeling better than I have in the past year. My clothes are looser and I've jettisoned a few chins and most of my loose chest.

    I can see my dimples again.

    I WILL NOT let the scale destroy my resolve to get healthier and feel better about myself.

    I WILL continue to eat good food that falls within my 1,600-calorie range and I WILL get my workout routine up and running!

    Okay, so today is Day One of Week Three. Mr. Bad Food is on the move. Be sure to come back next Wednesday and see if I got my scale issue resolved and my weight loss back on track.

    Meanwhile, my stats stay at 10.8 pounds lost... my weight has gone from 236.0 to 225.2!

    For those of you wondering about the food I ate this past week, here are my favorite meals from my Diet-to-Go Low-Fat Traditional plan.

    -- Shrimp Mango Bisque with a jicama salad and toasted pita... restaurant quality taste and texture!

    -- Barbecue Chicken with roasted potato wedges, baked beans and green beans... very filling!

    -- Thai Turkey Tenderloin with stir-fry rice and green beans... meaty and spicy!

    -- Spaghetti Pie with mozzarella cheese and cauliflower... ooey, gooey thick and chewy!

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2010
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