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    As the Gazette Healthy Challenge winds its way toward the finish line, we thought it would be inspirational for you to see what the contestants have been blogging about on their way to a slimmer shape.

    Get ready to be motivated.

    Blue Team Blog:

    Red Team Blog:

    About the Challenge

    Diet-to-Go is a key sponsor of the 5th Annual Healthy Challenge Program coordinated by The Gazette Newspapers of Montgomery County, Maryland.


    Since 2005 when it launched the national award-winning contest, the Gazette newspaper group has selected 10-12 men and women from its Montgomery County coverage area to get healthy, lose weight and change their lives.


    Split into teams representing Upcounty and Downcounty, the contestants compete for 12 weeks to get healthy in front of the Gazette's 275,000 readers.


    Downcounty won the 2008 team competition while team member Vincent Hayes, of Bethesda, won the individual title. Vincent accepted the grand prize for losing 50.8 pounds, or 20.5 percent of his original body weight - a new Healthy Challenge record!


    With Diet-to-Go providing its healthy, properly portioned meals, this year's contestants can't help but achieve substantial weight loss.


    "Every one of these losers is a big winner," said Cliff Chiet, The Gazette's Publisher and Vice President of Sales.


    Last year's teams lost more than 330 pounds combined.


    The original goal was to help 10 Montgomery County residents embark on a journey that would eventually lead them a healthy lifestyle. The team concept created a level of accountability that would not allow for excuses only for results.

    Author: John McGran

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