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  1. Weight Loss Contestants Lose a Total of 123 lbs. in Just One Week!

    One word perfectly sums up the first week weigh-in at the Extreme Brickover 4 Couples Weight Loss Challenge.

    And that word is... WOW!!!

    The six couples vying for cash and prizes valued at well over $20,000 dropped a total of 123 pounds after just 7 days of eating delicious Diet-to-Go meals and working out at a Brick Bodies/Lynne Brick's gym.

    That's an amazing average of 20.5 pounds per team and an impressive 10 pounds per competitor!

    The eventual winners will be judged by the "% of Weight Lost" rather than simply by total number of pounds lost.

    So, after one week, the team of David/Valerie (pictured above) sits atop the rankings. They lost a total of 26.0 pounds which boils down to 5.48% of their total weight lost.

    Great job, guys!

    The results for the rest of the field:

    2nd Place: Ty/Shubhika, 5.03%, 24.6 lbs.
    3rd Place: John/Maleena, 4.92%, 25.8 lbs.
    4th Place: Sam/Julia, 3.75%, 16.8 lbs.
    5th Place: Kevin/Rosalind, 3.56%, 21.4 lbs.
    6th Place: Jayme/Merissa, 2.03%, 8.4 lbs.

    Way to go, competitors!

    Diet-to-Go is not only a co-sponsor of this annual event, but we are also providing all of the meals -- breakfast, lunch and dinner -- for all six teams.

    At Diet-to-Go, we believe variety is the spice of dieting life!

    And that's why we provide five full weeks worth of menus for each of our three meal plans -- Traditional Low-Fat, Vegetarian Low-Fat, and Low Carb.

    "It has been great not having to prepare meals." says Week 1 winning team member, David. "The food is extremely tasty, diverse, and couldn't be much easier to heat up!"

    For a look at all 12 contestants, click here.

    To follow their progress on facebook, check out the Extreme Brickover 4 page.

    Author: John McGran

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