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  1. Welcome to the Diet Blog Carnival Issue #1


    I want to welcome everyone to the first ever Diet Blog Carnival.

    What is a Blog Carnival?

    A blog carnival is a fun way to showcase great bloggers and blog posts in a particular genre. In this case, dieting, health, and fitness!

    Here's how it works: bloggers that write about dieting, weight loss, health, etc. will submit their best articles monthly. At the end of each month a host will read them all and publish their favorites. It is a really fun way to read some great articles and get introduced to some of the best blogs and writers in this genre.

    Since Diet-to-Go is the organizer, we will be hosting this first carnival. Next month another blogger will host.

    So without further ado, here are the winners for our first ever Diet Blog Carnival!!!


    1st Place!!

    From: Potential 2 Success

    Blog Post: The Power of Positive Drinking

    Description: This was an awesome post by Ralph Jean-Paul that described alot of the health benefits of different kinds of juices. A really good read for all of you juice fanatics out there! Thanks Ralph, and congratulations!


    2nd Place!!

    From: The Words of Wisdom Blog

    Blog Post: Raw Food Diet Benefits

    Description: KB makes some great observations about the benefits of a raw diet. She shares some of her personal experiences about weight loss, lower cravings, and increased energy. Thanks for a fun read KB!


    3rd Place!!

    From: 90 Day Diet Blog

    Blog Post: Minute Maid with 0% Juice

    Description: Dennis gives us a quick fun read about his Minute Maid observations. Basically he noticed that you're consuming alot more sugar than juice. Thanks Dennis


    And... we can't close without mentioning a few of the other submissions.

    Here are this month's runner ups:


    We hope you enjoyed this edition of the Diet Blog Carnival! Check back soon for our announcement of next month's host.

    By the way, if you have an article you'd like to submit for the next carnival, please click here.

    Author: Justin Smith

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