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  1. We're Giving Away Free Books: Get Yours!

    Diet-to-Go has partnered with HCI Books to give away 10 free copies of the hot new title The Secret to Skinny by the Nutrition Twins, registered dietitians Tammy Lakatos Shames and Lyssie Lakatos.

    Winners will be chosen at random but to be eligible for a shot at this great book we want you to go to the Diet-to-Go Community Forum

    Your secret can be anything from a full length mirror on your fridge to replacing regular mayo with fat-free mayo.

    Subtitled "How Salt makes You Fat and the 4-Week Plan to Drop a Size & Get Healthier with Simple Low-Sodium Swaps," The Secret to Skinny is a $16 value... but it's yours at no cost if you are creative enough to share your weight loss secret - and you're lucky enough to have your name drawn in the random selection process!

    Diet-to-Go editor John McGran says this is the first of many book giveaways planned for our great readers and members. Next month we'll be offering a brand new fitness book from Diet-to-Go contributor Brad Schoenfeld. The Women's Home Workout Bible promises to deliver "a better body for every budget!"

    After that we'll be offering free copies of Making Weight Control Second Nature, the insightful new book by registered dietitian Susan Burke-March. Be sure to watch for the launch of Susan's new Diet-to-Go blog.

    Be sure to read John McGran's interview with the Nutrition Twins (Shhh... We've Got the Secret to Skinny!) and get a taste of what this month's giveaway book has to offer.

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