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  1. Wow! See How Super-Slimmer Steve Dropped 100 lbs!

    Steve S. didn't need pills or surgery to drop 100 pounds. The retiree from Maryland says all it took was a little faith, a three-day-a-week workout plan and a lot of really good food.

    Super slimmer Steve got serious about weight loss last January after his doctor's scale registered 407.

    He found success with Diet-to-Go's perfectly portioned meals.

    "Diet-to-Go makes it easy," says Steve, who at his highest weight wore a size-58 waist.

    "They make it easy enough to make substitutions for meals and I don't have to worry about what's for dinner, food shopping or cooking. I simply pick up my meals at the local gym where I work out."

    Steve, 56, credits his amazing weight loss success to God, Diet-to-Go and the Sport & Health fitness facility near his home.

    After realizing he needed help overcoming his obesity, Steve prayed for guidance. When a TV commercial for Diet-to-Go later appeared, Steve saw it as a clear sign - and he hasn't regretted making the call to 1-800-743-SLIM (7546).

    "I have lots of experience with diets," admits Steve, a NASA retiree whose sedentary lifestyle led to yo-yoing bouts of weight gain and weight loss. "But now that I've put my trust in the Lord and Diet-to-Go I feel young again. I'm moving around much better and I feel a new vibrancy.

    "I'm not where I need to be yet, but I'm in so much of a better place now."

    Hilton Davis, CEO here at Diet-to-Go, has been closely monitoring Steve's journey.

    "Clients like Steve are motivational flesh-and-blood examples of what a healthy, portion-controlled diet can do for someone frustrated with their weight," Davis says.

    "Our mission has always been to help overweight and obese men and women lower their risk of heart disease, diabetes and other ailments linked to weight.

    "We make sure our low-fat and vegetarian meals are crafted to fit the nutritional guidelines established by major health organizations like the American Heart Association. We strongly believe a healthy, great-tasting diet works much better than invasive surgery or diet pills.

    "Steve is proof of that. Congratulations Steve and continued success with your weight loss. We're here for you on your journey to wellness."

    Diet-to-Go provides nourishing, delicious meals for individuals to help them lose weight and feel great.

    The meals are conveniently delivered to you and we provide everything you need, including all the little extras like fruit, juices, side items and condiments, so you can actually enjoy losing weight easily.

    Customers can choose from three plans with five weeks of menus - Balance, Vegetarian and Carb30. Substituting meals is painless and can be done online, by email ( or by phoning Diet-to-Go's friendly customer service department at 1-800-743-SLIM (7546).

    Diet-to-Go meals can be shipped fresh frozen across the United States, but people living near the Washington DC/Baltimore/Northern Virginia, Philadelphia/New Jersey and San Francisco Bay metro areas have the option of picking up their food fresh from dozens of health clubs and other sites.

    Steve picks up his food at the same Sport & Health fitness center where he works out three days a week.

    Here's a small taste of Steve's blog from the day the scale told him he'd reached the 100 pounds lost milestone:

    "I had a great workout this morning with my trainer Brian at Sport & Health and was pleased to have lost 2 pounds this week bringing my grand total to 100 pounds lost so far. I just finished my delicious Diet-to-Go breakfast of 3 large pieces of French toast with strawberry topping and an orange juice.

    "First I must thank my God through His son Jesus, Diet-to-Go, Sport & Health and my personal trainer Brian Loux. I'd like to also thank all of you who have given me words of encouragement throughout my journey, family, friends and new friends on the web.

    "Let me just say it doesn't matter if I'm holding a 100 pound dumbbell or holding two 45-pound plates with a 10-pound plate around my neck - it's so much better to be able to set it down than to continue carrying the 100 pounds on my body..."

    Author: John McGran

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