Check Out What has to Say About Diet-to-Go!
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  1. Check Out What has to Say About Diet-to-Go!

    Here at Diet-to-Go, we KNOW our food is delicious, nutritionally balanced and perfectly portioned to help our customers lose weight or maintain the weight they are happy with. This is why we encourage other diet sites to review our program, now in its 19th yummy year. is the go-to site for anyone looking for the skinny on any diet plan. This past week, contributor Carmen sampled Diet-to-Go.


    In her latest blog, Diet-to-Go Review: The Final Word, Carmen notes:

    "I give Diet-to-Go two thumbs up. It's a delicious, convenient, non-stressful way to plan your meals and stay within your selected calorie range."

    Carmen's complete Final Word review can be seen at


    Prior to penning the Final Word, Carmen wrote a pair of other blogs that featured Diet-to-Go's "frozen meal service" and our "fresh delivery option."

    Carmen's comments on the frozen delivery option:

    "The meals arrived packed on dry ice and very cold, and I popped them right into my freezer. The portions seemed to be quite large and I looked forward to being able to sample them. Much of the food was vacuum packed and all of it appeared to be very fresh and appetizing."

    "Each meal container was marked with a motivational thought - and more than a few of those motivational thoughts have stayed with me. A little philosophy makes a meal that much more enjoyable."

    "All in all, this week of frozen prepared meals was just as enjoyable as the fresh prepared, and I'd highly recommend the purchase of them. It's nice to know that your meal is both tasty and healthy, and convenient to boot."

    Carmen's comments on the fresh food option:

    "Everything was packed tightly together and all of it was very cold. Unpacking the bag I noticed that the meals were much bigger than I'd anticipated, and everything looked absolutely fresh and delicious. I couldn't wait to get started!"

    "I found the entire week of food to be outstanding in quality, taste and convenience. Many times, meals were accompanied by a piece of fresh fruit, a prepared yogurt smoothie, a roll, coleslaw, applesauce, or terra veggie chips. This truly led me to believe that if I were purchasing a week of food to be delivered to my house there would really be no need to visit the grocery - literally everything is contained in one inclusive package."

    "I think the meals offered by Diet to Go are a delicious, nutritious and convenient option, and one I think would fit into a healthy living plan."

    Be sure to go to for the complete reviews.

    Author: John McGran

    Archived posts 2009
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